• Season 2, Ep 5 ·

Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 5

Series creator James LaRosa discusses Sloane and Raquel's newfound alliance against Oscar as well as Raquel's mysterious note from Olivia. James LaRosa also provides some further insight on Jelena's background and relationship with her mother.

06/23/2014 · 4:53

I'm investigating Oscar.

For what?




The league was involved,but it got too hot for them

after what Chase did,but I couldn't stop.

Especially after I learned

Oscar may have been responsiblefor Mia's death.

There are fileson every Devil Girl.

They're in his office,I know it.

So there are these foldersin Oscar's office

that Sloane wants.

She has no accessto Oscar's office

and Michael is gone,so she has nobody

and Raquel hasevery reason to be there

and so she says,"I'll go get them."

There's no way you canget those files

without getting caught.

I can.

(LaRosa)She goes into his office

and she pulls out all theseDevil Girl files,

and we never see Raquel's

until the very endof the episode

where we see thatshe's pulled hers out.

And we think, okay, her storyends with the file.

It actually ends with a redenvelope and we're thinking,

what business couldOlivia and Raquel have?

And I wonder if it hasanything to do

with the folderin Oscar's office.

How awkward.

Slone and Raqueland Pete.

I mean, "I'll help you,

and by the way, you'rewith the guy that I love."

And then by the endof the episode,

she's no longer withthe guy that she loves

and that's just awkward.

I'm not gonna sayanything to anyone.

Especially not Pete.

We broke up.

I'm sorry.

You know there's just a tinylittle part of Sloane

that's like,"That's too bad.

"So sorry to hear that.

You poor thing,give me a hug."

Let's crash Derek'sclub opening tonight,

steal some oftheir thunder.



Busy doing what?

Mother's Dayis coming early.

Jelena is a character that isextremely close to my heart.

I knew Jelena's back storybefore she steppedonto the show

and I think a lot of people

who judge Jelenafor what she does,

they don't know whather back story is,

but I think people go, "Ugh,Jelena, I can't stand her,"

but there's somethingabout her that keepsyou there.

There's something about herthat makes her,

in a weird way, rootable,

and it's this perfectionismthat she has.

It's this...

She doesn't trust.

And so we see a little bit ofwhy that is in this episode.

As long as you're caughtin the past,

there's no future for you

until you admit how angryyou are at your father.

Release it.

You're gonna bethis person forever.

You know, she grew upwatching her mother

get beatenher entire childhood,

uh, and as can happenin these situations,

she... blamed the victim.

I'm not angryat him.

I'm disgusted...

by you.

You're the one who letherself get beaten,

over and over.

How many times?

I lost count,did you?

It was easier emotionallyto compartmentalize

and to put it on Mom.

So when Mom comes--

When she's gotten10% of the Devil Girls

that she was leftby Olivia--

Thanks, Olivia, for that.

What an awful thingto do.

It forces them into talkingfor the first time

in basically a couple years.

I think I'll hold ontothat 10% of the Devil Girls.

You wanted me to sayhow I felt

and now you'repunishing me for it.


I'm holding onto it

becauseit's the one thing

that made you call meafter two years.

It's the only thing thatwill make you call again.

(LaRosa)So for her motherto show up,

stir up all that stuff

and then she has this momentwith Terrence in the car.

I'm not your problem,Terrence.

We're not together

and we nevershould've been.

And she shuts him downand it's really devastating

and she hates herselffor that afterwards

and we seehow much everything--

She just completely snaps.

When she comes home

at the end of a day thatis completely miserable

and all she needs to seewhen she steps into her home

is this magazine coverof herself

and just the word"perfection" on the bottom

and she just loses it.

She takes it,she smashes it,

and she just smashes upher entire place.

It's just completeemotion and...


At the end, she's justsitting in the debris

and you just think,where do you go from here?