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Mother/Daughter Bonding

Sheree and her daughter take the girls out for a night out on the town, but can they handle it?

09/01/2014 · 4:00



That was fun!

She's gonna get us put out.

Sheree, why did you takeyours to open the door?

I need you to useyour inside voices.

Inside voices, ladies.



What do y'all want to drink?

I got liquor,and I have wine.

I'm sticking with vodka.

My stomach's burning!

I didn't even want to drink.

You made me drink soyou could kiss my...

Kiss cam. Kiss cam.


I felt so good!

I need to go put onpajama pants.

What are we toasting to,y'all?

We even ran out of toast.

We can toast to walkingdown the street.

We gonna toast to the--

Toast to the club.

Toasting to being toasted.

We're toasting to opening upour lives up to new people

and seeing what everythinghas to offer for us...

all right?

I like that toast.Grown up!

Well, one thing I did decideis that I probably

couldn't do another girls'night out with Destiny.

It just made me feel reallyuncomfortable.

Mom and daughter doing shots,slurring together.

That's not my lane.

So I'm glad thatall you guys went out...

with us tonight.

And some of usmet some people,

some of us didn't.

Oh, yeah? I didn't.

And tonight wassomewhat of a success.

It was somewhatof a success because

you can all find someone thatyou could at least talk to,

just have a conversation withand just be happy.

I wanted you guysto hang out.

Of course you're not going tofind a soul mate in the club.

I hope not.

I found my soul matein a club.

You fell in love in a club?(laughing)

The banker. I mean,if you would haveremembered his name.

He said he could helpwith some stuff.

If you don't remembertheir name,

then it doesn't(bleep) matter.

It's just some--You are irrelevant.

Are you good with itor bad with it?

No, I'm training myselfbecause that's an excuse.

You might not rememberthat name,

but you gonnaremember that (bleep).

The fact that you can say thatwith those ears open,

that's just different for me.

It's different.

But I mean, the thing is it'sdifferent, but I'm open.

Yeah, I'm not that open.

I party with Destiny.We go out to the clubs.

I think it's okay.

Like, I don't havea problem with it.

Like, anybody that hasa problem with it, why?

What's your problem with it?

She's (bleep) grown.She's 21 years old.

She's not a baby.

Like, she's a grown-ass woman.

I'm glad that Destinycame out with us tonight.

Me, too.

And I mean, honestly,my personal--

Like, Tameka, how didyou feel about...

being out with usand Destiny?

Because you did,you had an issue.

Did you feeluncomfortable?

I don't condone parents hangingout with their children.

Did you feel like you was outwith a 21-year-old, though?

I definitely feel like I wasout with a 21-year-old.

You did?

What was so21-year-old about--

You talk likea 21-year-old.

She talks proper.

Yeah, I sound that way,

but did you feel likeI was acting that way?

You're missing the moralof my story.

No, I'm not missing it,I'm just trying to understand.

My son is olderthan you are,

but if I'm in a club thatmy son's in,

I know that there'snothing there for me.

We're not their friends.

We're not theirrunning buddies.

We're their parents.


Let's go night night.