• Season 4, Ep 6

Renee Questions The Girls' Loyalty

While at the race track in Las Vegas, Renee begins to question Drita, Alicia, and Big Ang's loyalty when she sees them having fun with Natalie.

01/09/2014 ยท 3:55

>> You ready to drive some

exotic vehicles?

>> Ever since we got to Vegas,

Natalie's done everything to

push me to the edge, but I'm

gonna try to be good and not let

this girl get the best of me

and I really hope that nobody

else pisses me off, 'cause I'm

running on a (bleep) short fuse.

>> Hi, Ang.

>> You gonna drive?

I'm scared.

>> But I see Natalie joking with

the other girls

and it's making me feel (bleep)

sick and twisted.

>> Ooh.

>> Follow me over here, ladies

>> Thank you.

>> Enjoy, I'll watch.

>> What's going on?

>> Huh?

I'm over it.


>> That's it.

I can't do this.

I don't really give a (bleep) if

all the girls want to hang out

with Natalie.

>> Is that better?

>> They can do it, they can do

it alone without me.

I'm not a (bleep) two-face.

>> Renee's having a bad day


I'm over it.


Natalie's dangerous.

>> Alicia!

>> Bye!

I'm scared.

>> Oh, Natalie's around

the corner.

The longer I'm sitting here,

the angrier I'm getting.

Not only did this girl show me

no respect, she dared me, pushed

every button under the (bleep)


>> Oh, she's coming around.

>> And the girls are playing

with her like it's all good.

>> This is such a rush.

>> I can't believe Renee's just

sitting over there by herself.

>> So annoying.

>> She just wants to sit there

and be angry, so let her.

>> You were serious.

>> Did you--

I know.

>> I'm proud of you.

>> I'm so proud of myself

>> You were good.

>> I'm so proud of you.

>> That was incredible.

>> Oh, God, here goes Drita.

>> Did you watch?

>> Yeah, I did watch.

So you girls obviously know

I have an issue still.

Personally, I think when she

brought your husband's name up,

if it was me, I would have said,

excuse me?

My husband has nothing to do

with this conversation.

>> Renee, you're the one that

brought this name up.

>> Hey, Alicia.

Edward's my friend all my life,

but he smells delicious.

>> Oh, you would know, you went

out to dinner with him a few


>> I'll put your (bleep) head


>> Touch me, touch me.

>> What?

What are you gonna do?

>> Touch me.

>> The fight between you and

Natalie has nothing to do with


And I don't feel like I had to

step in and say "don't talk

about my husband."

>> What she said was


>> And she said I apologize.

>> And she admitted it, and she

admitted it and apologized.

>> Right.

>> And you said--

>> How many times did I walk


>> You walked away but then you

went right back at her.

All she did stand was stand up

for herself.

>> You think I'm gonna let

somebody tell me "I dare you"

this that and--

>> No, but she was sticking up

for herself.

>> But then she didn't stop.

>> You didn't stop either.

>> Yeah, you both didn't stop.

>> Because I was pushed to a

limit to raise my anger.

>> Renee.

You put her in a headlock.

>> Okay.

All right.

Well, then, obviously, I can

where everybody's loyalties lie.

>> There's no loyalty!

>> It's not about loyalty.

>> It's not about--

>> You both did it.

She wants to question my (bleep)


I don't think so.

Now you're crossing the (bleep)


I hate that word "loyalty."

We're not (bleep) gangsters,


No, I'm very (bleep) loyal,

trust me.

And so is my whole family.

>> That's not the way I saw it.

>> Renee's trying to say it's

about loyalty, but it's a

question about being right or

wrong and Renee's clearly wrong.

>> We had nothing to do with

this, Renee.

>> She's absolutely being


>> It's between you and Natalie.

>> Okay, I can't.

I'm done, that's it.

We all agreed prior that Natalie

was out of line.

And now they want to (bleep)

side with her?

Why, because I put her in

a (bleep) headlock?

Now you feel bad for the bitch?

Oh, no, that's not the way this

mother (bleep) works.

(bleep) backstabbers.