• Season 2, Ep 11 ·

Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 11

Series creator James LaRosa discusses Lionel's breakdown and attack on Sloane as well as German and Ahsha's reconnection.

08/04/2014 · 1:58

You're a homewrecker.

You're a deluded actress

who's convinced herselfthis role is hers.

Hate's a strong word.

And I hate you,Sloane Hayes.

(James LaRosa)Essentially, this episode

is where Lionel goesstraight to hell.

She's got nothing elseexcept this baby

and she goes to Peteto talk to him about it

and all she getsis a face full

of Sloane and Petetelling each other

how muchthey love each other

and it's wildlyupsetting

and it's the verylast thing that she has.

It's just completely in herface, and she miscarries.

And so,to then go to Sloane's,

and basically be a mess

and say,"It was always you,"

"You've been haunting usthis whole time,"

and Sloane telling her that,you know,

she's deluded herself into thisrole that she thinks is hers.

Her, then, to show up at Oscar'swith the evidence,

that would really notdo good things for Sloane.

She basically tells Oscar"We have a common enemy."

Now Lionel's gettinginto some choppier water.

Aren't you supposed to bemeeting someone?

I canceled.

(LaRosa)Ahsha didn't break upwith German,

Germanbroke up with Ahsha

and it wasn't like Ahsha was outof love with German.

How has she felt this whole timewhile she's been with Derek?

I mean,that's questionable.

It's a three-and-a-half-yearrelationship.

You can't just go--(clapping hands)

When everything kind ofwent to hell with Derek,

she didn't beelineto German.

She beelinedto her career

and German just happenedto be there and noticing that,

oh, she's gotthat drive again.

She's no longer Derek Roman'sgirlfriend now.

She's Ahsha Hayes, who cameinto this world for a reason,

of Devils Arena,and now she's gonna--

she's gonna kill it.

And so their reconnectionkind of comes naturally.