• Season 1, Ep 4

LeAnn's Butt Cakes

LeAnn accidentally tweets a picture of her butt, which causes a minor PR stir that she tries to defuse. Plus, Eddie finds out last minute that his upcoming Menʼs Fitness photo shoot is an bathing suit.

08/07/2014 ยท 2:21


>> No. Are you?

>> Yes.

I talked to Kira while you were

in the shower.

>> What did she say?

>> The last few years have been

rough with all the negative

press, and I know I have not

made it easy on Kira, who is my


She definitely keeps an eye on

me to make sure I don't get into

any trouble.

She was just saying because of

the tour, like, they want me to

keep a low profile.

>> What does that mean?

>> I guess to not get into any

Twitter wars with--

>> You never get into a Twitter

war, you always--

I mean, you do react, but you

just can't help yourself.

>> I do react.

I just react to stupidity.

(bell dinging)

>> Not Terrell.

BT Dub?

What is BT Dub?

>> Are you serious?

"By the way."

>> Oh, BTW.

He put "BT Dub," D-U-B.

>> I don't know if Eddie really

always cared about being hip and

trendy, but I definitely would

say, like, with 40 came a whole

nother level of not caring

about hip and trendy.

>> What are you talking about?

I know what's hip and trendy.

I know how to twerk.

I know what emoticons are.

How to give someone knuckles.

>> It's...

>> See?

>> I don't even know what to say

to that.

>> It's all good.

By the way, he says the photo

shoot on Friday is in a bathing

suit by the pool.

>> For what?

>> For "Men's Fitness."

I can't eat this.

This is crazy.

>> But you look amazing.

>> No, I don't look amazing.

I mean, I'm in shape, but I'm

two weeks out from being in a

magazine without my shirt on.

Well, hon, there's got to be

some kind of crazy diet.

>> Well, you might want to start

like, after the barbecue.

>> Oh, my God.

>> You're going to torture


Why don't you just move it?

>> The photographer is leaving

for Australia.

>> Why don't they just switch


>> No, this photographer is the


I gotta work out twice a day.

And I need to starve myself.

>> You're being a bitch.


>> Whoa!

Did you just tweet this?

>> I tweeted a picture of my

pancakes this morning.

>> Did you look at what you were


>> Yeah, I see--

>> Oh, really?

What's this?

That's your butt.

>> No, I did not.

>> That's all butt.


You didn't look at the photo

before you sent it?

>> No, I looked at my face and

the pancakes.


It looks-- you can't even--

>> Yes, you can--

>> No, you can't.

>> Look, here's what's going to


They're going to zoom by the

pancakes and then they're going

to zoom in to the butt cakes.

>> I'm the only person I know

that can take a selfie of

pancakes and then tweet a

picture where you can fully see

my ass in a thong in the mirror

behind me.

What is wrong with me?