• Season 1, Ep 244

Linda Perry Opens Up About Her Abusive Childhood

Linda Perry discusses how she found her passion for music, her childhood molestation, and her extremely strict mother.

07/16/2014 ยท 3:24

to proud immigrant parents, Marluce and Alfred Perry,

and grew up in suburban San Diego.

One day my mom camehome and surprised me

with this little guitar.

I was like, oh, my God,and I picked it up and

I ran out of the room.

And then, I came back with it,and I, I said,

I wrote a song for you!

And I just, with my one finger,and I'm like, ding, ding, ding,

ding, ding, ding.

She start to play,and everybody like it.

She start right there.

Five-years-old,playing the guitar.

[transition music]

But at the same age of five, Linda's life would change

in much darker ways.

For the first time publically, she now shares the horrifying

experiences that plagued her childhood.

My mom's gonna be very unhappyabout this, but it's the truth.

There was a lot ofmental and physical abuse.

My mother, she had twosons with another father.

One was named Mark, and he'slike 16-years-old.

Um, he molested me.

God knows the reasonwhy he would ever

do something like that.

I'm gonna use the word hate.

I really hate him.

It was a situation thatkinda happened a few times.

And then it juststopped happening.

When I would go tell my momabout it, she didn't believe me.

For the longest time, I wasconvinced it didn't happen,

because my mom made mefeel like I was just making

up these stories.

I never see.

I never see.

And he knows if I catch him dothat, I don't care, he is my son

or not, I could dosomething desperate.

Sadly, the emotionaltorment didn't end there.

Linda says her Brazilian-bornmother had an intense parenting

style that oftengot out of control.

Our mom came from a countryin South America where their

beliefs were so much differentthan in the United States.

It was a generation thing.

You know, woman had to bevery tough in my mom's day.

Break a rule, there'sa punishment for that.

If you talk back, you geta hot spoon to the mouth.

My mom chained me up to thedoghouse naked, you know,

because I wasplaying with the dog.

I saw her in the backyardcrying, and she had a

dog leash around her neck.

You look at it now, it's justlike, gah, the stuff you did.

She didn't see it as abuse.

She saw it as discipline.

She didn't realize to a child,that would be devastating,

or harsh.

I used to be very strict mother,but, I never beat them up.

I just look at them with my eyeslike this, they know already

I mean business.

I tried to keep mykids out of trouble.

My mom did some really------ up things, she did.

I'm not gonna deny that.

But, I forgive my momfor her not knowing that

she was hurting me.