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Hit The Floor: Off The Court With James LaRosa + Season 2, Episode 9

Series creator James LaRosa explains Terrence and Jelena's relationship, the chemistry between Jude and Zero, and the break up between Ahsha and Derek.

07/21/2014 · 3:43

If I did kiss you onpurpose in that car,

and I'm notsaying I did,

it's not becauseI was crazy.

Jude did this reallyimpulsive thing with Zero

because he wanted tolift him up and get him

out of this really awful placewhere he's like thinking

his life is over and he justwants to make him feel better

and there he goes.

Uh, and Zero's reaction isprobably what everyone's

nightmare reaction mightbe when you do something

and the other persondoesn't reciprocate.

Zero's totallycool with it.

But he's stilllooking at him like...

dude, you kissed me.

He's denial, denial, denialand Zero's playing with him

and he's like-- Jude's kind ofhis little toy in a way.

Uh, and he loves the factthat he's neurotic and whatever

and so he'splaying with him.

Uh, but of course thisDanny photographer character

suddenly perhaps getsJude's attention

and makes Jude wanna go tothis party and forces Zero,

basically admit that, andmaybe be a little bit jealous

and keep him fromgoing to the party.

And then we actually go, oh,Zero is interested in him.

He does want it,okay, great.

And clothesfly off and...

And hijinks ensue.

I'm sorry, Terrence.

I am so, so sorry.

Not a day goes by thatI don't think about it.

(James)The difference in Jelena in thisepisode and Jelena and Terrence

is that Jelena isnot controlling it.

Jelena is saying,

"I hear what you're saying,I hear your goals."

She advises himnot to do it.

She doesn't say, "You can'tdo this," or whatever.

I mean, she feels likegarbage after what she did.

She apologizes for it.

She's never apologizedfor anything in her life.

And she knows she did--did a bad thing.

Um, and she knowsit hurt him,

she knows it hurttheir relationship

whatever herreasons were.

That was something that theyneeded in their relationship,

not just for her to apologizebut for her to say...

this is somethingthat you need to do

and so I'm gonnasupport you doing it.

It's not great,I mean, the fact

that he's gonnacontinue playing

could potentially notjust impact his career,

but it could impacthis life after.

And the fact that she'swilling to sacrifice

this future that shehas seen for a future

that could bemaybe more real,

um, is a testamentto, I think,

her growth and where they'reat in their relationship.

I've tried.

But I haven't trustedyou since that night.

And now I don'ttrust you.Yeah.

You can go to Germanall you want now.

I'm done.

(James)I think this breakupwas coming for a while.

I think you can'tdo something like,

oops, I accidentally threw cokein your purse and wind up...

you can't spendthe night in jail

and feel likeeverything's fine.

And even though she came out andshe-- she gave him some, uh,

cold shoulder for thatparticular episode,

when she showed up atDerek's and she said,

"Is this the start ofsomething or is this the end?"

And he's like,"No, you can trust me."

For her, there'ssomething very dangerous

and chemicalabout Derek.

And he could've saidanything to her,

but he's just got a hold on herand so she's gonna give into it

and say,"Okay, I'm gonna go--

I'm gonna look past it,let's continue on."

That doesn'tmean it's okay.

That means you've basicallyfiled it deep, deep back and...

and they get to a pointwhere it kind of surfaces.

And so that's gonnahave an effect.

And so I don'tthink this was sudden.

I think this was one ofthose latent things that

just came up at the worsttime for Dersha fans.