Celebrity Diets To Try After You Stuff Your Face On Thanksgiving


Victoria Beckham

Angelina Jolie

Katy Perry

Gwyneth Paltrow

Drew Barrymore

Megan Fox

Christina Aguilera

Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Aniston

It's happened. Thanksgiving came and went, and you stuffed your face with turkey, pie, stuffing, and potatoes. You name it, you ate it. Then you had a nap, and went back for seconds. And the next day you woke up in the morning and made a sandwich filled with leftovers for breakfast. We get it. We did, too. And we loved EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Now, we're not here to encourage fad dieting or unhealthy crash eating habits. But we do understand that there might be a desire to try and get rid of that food baby that's making you look pregnant right now. And that's OK. Who better than to get diet advice from than the rich and famous? Celebrities have their diet game down — they have to stay healthy in order to look radiant and maintain energy, so there's no room for starvation (something we would never recommend).

Here are 10 celebrity diets from the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston you might want to try after Thanksgiving. You know, before you stuff yourself again at Christmas.

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