The Sexy Evolution of Jason Sudeikis

The universe was good to this man.

Jason Sudeikis is like the barista I see every morning at Starbucks—he’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but nothing to write home about. One day, though, I walked in and—*bam*—a purebred fornication maestro asked me if I wanted my Passion Tea Lemonade sweetened. Whoa, whoa, whoa! How did this happen? When did Barista Ben go from a lay-in-my-bosom cutie to Inventor of the Orgasm?

Such is the case with Mr. Sudeikis. He’s always been adorable, lovable, and funny as hell. But somewhere between Olivia Wilde Avenue and Horrible Bosses Street, he became sexy with a capital triple X. Maybe it was the subtle weight loss or his newfound love for perfectly-tailored suits, but Jason is no longer the Saturday Night Live teddy bear who made you giggly and warm inside. Now, he makes you feel, erm, other things.

These 15 photos show exactly what we’re talking about. If Jason isn’t your new bae already, this gallery will seal the deal. Gird your loins.

  • 1 2006
    Getty Images
    Serving pure chemistry-teacher-who-is-maybe-cute realness.

  • 2 2006
    Getty Images
    The swooped hairstyle is a bold, 25-percent-arousing choice. (But we’re still not totally there yet.)

  • 3 2008
    Getty Images
    Facial hair? Yes. Abercrombie & Fitch knit sweater? So much nope.

  • 4 2008
    Getty Images
    Here, Jason seems to be refining his mountain man/hipster aesthetic. (The arousal level is up to 41 percent at this point.)

  • 5 2008
    Getty Images
    And then he throws us for a loop with a clean-shaven face. But it surprisingly works.

  • 6 2009
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    Jason embraces tighter-fitting clothes here, and our libidos are thankful. (We’re almost there, folks!)

  • 7 2010
    Getty Images
    Alas, tailored suits make their grand, impregnating appearance. However, these v. questionable sneakers and jeans tell us the sexy train isn’t fully at the station.

  • 8 2010
    Getty Images
    You know J’s hot factor is improving when he looks better in this Disney World family vacation-ass outfit than his totally acceptable suits from earlier.

  • 9 2010
    Getty Images
    Jason Bond makes a full-throttle debut in this picture. Shake us up, please.

  • 10 2011
    Getty Images
    Yup, we’re in labor. 2011 marked the year Jason embraced the DGAF scruffy dad look. And cheers to that. (Also, it seems he dropped a few lbs. Not necessary, but a welcome improvement.)

  • 11 2011
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    Who can wear a suit better than this man, really?

  • 12 2011
    Getty Images
    We told you 2011 was the year everything changed. By August, when this photo was taken, Jason was simply perfecting his newfound suaveness.

  • 13 2012
    Getty Images
    Dapper AF. (Derpy expression and all.)

  • 14 2014
    Getty Images
    This is where it all comes together. The scruffiness. The perfectly-appointed duds. Olivia Wilde. Jason, you’ve officially reached dreamboat status. (Arousal level? 98 percent.)

  • 15 2015
    Getty Images
    And now it’s a perfect 100. Bless you, sweet prince. Bless you.