Celebrity Wedding Dresses So Ugly, They’re — Well, Just Ugly

Vera Wang would not be pleased.

Summer kicks off one of the most popular wedding seasons of the year. Whether you’re living vicariously through your engaged friend or getting hitched yourself, take these hideous celebrity wedding gowns under advisement. You can do better than this. We all can.

  • 1 Mama June
    Splash News
    We never thought a dress could be Republican. Sadly, we were wrong. [/item
  • 2 Emma Thompson
    Getty Images
    You know those patterns found on napkins you can buy in bulk at Walmart? They were Thompson’s gown inspiration for her 1989 wedding to actor/director Kenneth Branagh. [/item
  • 3 Gwen Stefani
    Getty Images
    Her dress has hair streaks. We wonder if Gavin Rossdale’s tuxedo matched. [/item
  • 4 Mariah Carey
    Getty Images
    Secretly, MiMi knew her gown, worn at her 1993 wedding to Tommy Mottola, was so ugly that she made sure her mammoth bouquet was big enough to hide it. [/item
  • 5 Kelis
    Def Jam
    During her 2005 wedding to Nas, the “Milkshake” singer donned a green grass-stained dress. (You can see her actually wearing it here.) Apparently, Nas — whom she divorced in 2009 — liked the dress so much that he posed with it on the cover of his 2012 album Life is Good. *Face-palm.* [/item
  • 6 Britney Spears
    Getty Images
    This may have been just a performance outfit from the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, but the emotional scarring we experienced from BritBrit’s pointy go-go boots was real AF. [/item
  • 7 Christina Aguilera
    Getty Images
    And when we thought it couldn’t get worse, X-Tina wore practically the same GD dress. [/item
  • 8 Jessica Biel
    People Magazine
    The only person who can pull off a pink wedding dress is Elle Woods. Thankfully, Justin Timberlake didn’t wear a matching vest. [/item
  • 9 Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
    Here we go again. Cuoco opted for pink at her 2013 wedding to Ryan Sweeting. Is Pepto-Bismol planning a new line of wedding attire? [/item
  • 10 Scheana Marie Shay
    Yes, that is a crop-top dress you’re looking at. Please note that this isn’t for a high school prom. You’d think the Vanderpump Rules star would know better. [/item
  • 11 Celine Dion
    And the award for wackiest celebrity wedding gown goes to Dion, for her drunk Marie Antoinette monstrosity from her 1994 wedding to René Angélil. [/item