Your Favorite Pop Stars (Apparently) Love a Good Fishnet Stocking

And we can all thank Cher for that.

Cher and Piers Morgan, who has got to learn to form an opinion, once got into it on Twitter over fishnets. Yes, fighting over fishnets is an actual thing they did.

It started when Piers said that Madonna—of all people—shouldn’t wear such revealing things as fishnets at her age. Perez Hilton alerted Cher to the quote via Twitter, and welp, you know how great Cher is at doing Twitter. The exchange between Cher, Piers and Perez eventually gave way to this outstanding tweet on Cher’s behalf that shut all of it down, saving fishnets and the divas that wear them forever.

Moral of the story: Piers Morgan is dumb, Cher rules and so do fishnets. That’s why your favorite pop stars love sporting them. And why wouldn’t they? If you were up on a stage with hot spotlights following you around as you dance and sing, wouldn’t you want your legs to be tight, but still able to breathe? Yes. Yes you would.

From Beyonce to Gwen Stefani to Ke$ha, these pop divas love a good fishnet.

  • 1 Gwen Stefani
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    Forever it girl and fashion trailblazer Gwen Stefani sported fishnets while performing with No Doubt at Universal City in 2012. Good fashion rule to go by: As long as Gwen Stefani is wearing it, you should wear it, too.

  • 2 Nicki Minaj
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    Nicki Minaj loves fishnets so much, she has several fishnet body suits that she wears for live performances. The one pictured here is Givenchy, as worn while performing at Givenchy’s Milan Fashion Week show in September.

  • 3 Beyonce
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    Beyonce almost always sports fishnets while performing, and at Made in America this year, she sported glittery fishnets. Slay that shimmer, B! We are right here, queen, for this look!

  • 4 Madonna
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    Madonna is a fishnet pioneer, and with legs like hers, wouldn’t you sport this trend as much as you can? Forget mean old Piers Morgan. Madonna, you look bomb.

  • 5 Lady Gaga
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    For a while, fishnet stockings were one of the only things Gaga wore on stage. Mother Monster likes her fishnets worn in and holey à la “Telephone.”

  • 6 Rihanna
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    Once you’ve worn a fishnet dress, wearing fishnet stockings becomes as basic as ordering a PSL from Starbucks. When your fave opts for fishnets, she rocks the living hell out of them, but of course she does. It’s RiRi.

  • 7 Jennifer Lopez
    Getty Images
    Jennifer Lopez served up all of the leg when she donned nude fishnets at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina last week.

  • 8 Britney Spears
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    Britney Spears knows just as well as anyone that in order to hit those moves, your legs need to be free to move and breathe. That’s why BritBrit dons the fishnet for her live performances, including this one for Good Morning America.

  • 9 Ke$ha
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    Ke$ha and fishnets go together like Ariana Grande and dogs. They are practically one and the same.

  • 10 Taylor Swift
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    Fishnets have been around since the late 1800s, but TSwift revived their ’20s-era flair when she donned fishnets and a playsuit for her Brit Awards performance this year.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.