What the Hell Were Caitlyn Jenner + More Thinking in These Pap Candids This Week?

Kate Hudson definitely had Nick Jonas on the brain.

Few things are more glorious than candid celebrity photos.

There was the time that Sarah Jessica Parker refused to put down her book during a sporting event, when Britney Spears dropped her phone in Target and the many times that Lady Gaga fell down in public. Someone get her.

Not everyone looks like Giselle Bündchen on the runway 100 percent of the time, which is why paparazzi candids are golden. We found some of the best ones from this week and pondered what the celebs might have been thinking while their photos were being taken. Peep the gallery to find out.

  • 1 Elton John
    Getty Images
    “It’s another beautiful day to be me!”

  • 2 Emma Stone
    Getty Images
    “I wonder if I left that—yup! There’s a cheeseburger in there.”

  • 3 Christina Milian
    Getty Images
    “Haha, oh my God, you guys. What am I gonna do about my career in 2016?”

  • 4 Jack Nicholson
    Getty Images
    “I just got such a good deal on car insurance.”

  • 5 Eddie Redmayne
    Getty Images
    “These fools have no idea what I’m hiding in here, do they?”

  • 6 Pia Mia
    Getty Images
    “My hat is on backwards and this bag is really heavy and I just, ugh! When is Kylie gonna pick me up?”

  • 7 Caitlyn Jenner
    Getty Images
    “The hardest part of my morning was deciding which heels to put on.”

  • 8 Lisa Vanderpump
    “I’m a cat person, really.”

  • 9 Chris Evans
    Getty Images
    “Christmas? Bah! These kids are getting straight coal.”

  • 10 Diane Keaton
    Getty Images
    “Can someone, anyone, do this for me, please?”

  • 11 Kate Hudson
    Getty Images
    “Oh, DAYUM! You been working out, Nick Jonas? I see it.”

  • 12 Christian Bale
    Getty Images
    “Those nachos? Bad idea. Very bad.”

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.