Gorgeous and Voluptuous Instagram Models You Needed to Follow Yesterday

Your life wasn't complete until today.

There is nothing better than seeing a woman own and serve body. Especially when it’s a woman who has a lil bit more body to work with.

Thanks to pioneers like Ashley Graham, women who aren’t a size 2 are feeling more confident and eager to rock what they got. As they damn well should be.

Females who are considered “plus-sized” are making history and proving that every size, shape and color is beautiful in its own way. There is no such thing as “normal,” even though we feel brainwashed sometimes by what we see in ads and on runways. These models are thankfully stopping the cycle, doing us proud and encouraging us to rock our own bodies. Get your daily dose of inspiration from these gorgeous ladies below.

  • This New Jersey native has posed for print and walked the runway, and the ’gram is no exception to her slay.

  • Ronnie uses #honormycurves and loves that she doesn’t have a thigh gap. We are so here for it.

  • Head to Curvy Campbell’s profile for some seriously polished (and topless) pics.

  • This NYC bae’s profile has a bomb mix of everyday selfies with professional glamour shots.

  • We love that Ranya’s pics almost always include messages that inspire us to kick ass.

  • This NYC gal is the spirit animal you never knew you had (and she will always throw a little RiRi or Bey in the mix or extra inpso).

  • Kellie brings her slay around the world and we cannot wait to see where she goes next.

  • This Rhode Island native may be a comedian, but her striking poses are no joke.

  • This bb will give you the Brazilian flare your feed may or may not be lacking.

  • OK, Delaney isn’t technically a model, but she is in our eyes. Those poses?? Fake it until you make it, girl.

  • This bicoastal babe has posts shots that are truly breathtaking.

  • And lastly, there’s Morgan, who serves body like it’s her job.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.