Prison Baes: 10 Times the Internet Freaked out Over Hot People Committing Crimes

It's #FelonCrushFriday.

When it comes to lusting after prison baes, the Internet is guilty as hell.

We owe a lot to the Internet (memes, Seamless, online shopping, your Friday night hookup) and we are forever indebted to good ol’ capital I for always being there to satisfy our inexplicable thirst for hot criminals.

Jeremy Meeks, the OG prison bae, is arguably the most successful of them all, having landed a modeling contract with White Cross Management. (There is hope, people.) Peep our list of beautiful people who allegedly committed crimes, and gaze at their magazine-worthy mugshots here.

  • 1 Jeremy Meeks
    Stockton Police Department
    Jeremy Meeks was arrested in June of 2014 for felony weapon charges, according to the Stockton Police Department. Meeks’ mugshot blew up (for obvious reasons), he served time and when he got out in March of this year, he began his modeling career. Meeks is now signed to Los Angeles-based agency White Cross Management and recently posted his first headshot.

  • 2 Angela Coates
    Angela Coates, a former JET Magazine “Beauty of the Week,” was arrested in DeKalb County, Georgia, for disorderly conduct in August of 2014. She was reportedly released the same day.

  • 3
    Essex County Sheriff’s Office
    Details of this bae with A+ bone structure are scarce, but his picture is getting loads of action on the Internet, mainly due to Tumblr account Hot and Busted’s posting of it. This mugshot maven was charged with “distribution of controlled dangerous substances” and “use of paraphernalia,” according to Hot and Busted.

  • 4 Alysa Bathrick
    Wake County Sheriff's Office
    “Cute mugshot girl” Alysa Bathrick was busted in December 2014 for “possession of a schedule IV controlled substance with intent to distribute.” In a now-infamous tweet that ultimately earned her her nickname, Bathrick wrote the following: “F—k what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute.”

  • 5 Sarah Seawright
    Pulaski County Police Department
    Sarah Seawright was taken into custody in April for failure to appear in court for a related 2014 careless driving incident, according to police records. She was also previously accused of robbery, kidnapping and battery, relating to a 2012 parking lot theft.

  • 6 Kristen Johnson
    Onondaga County Sheriff's Office
    Kristen Johnson was reportedly convicted of taking a picture of an unconscious patient’s penis. The 27-year-old gave up her nursing license as a result.

  • 7
    Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
    We don’t know who this mysterious, doe-eyed hunk is, but his mugshot is making its rounds on the Internet, thanks to sites like E!, The Gaily Grind and Hot and Busted.

  • 8 Lorena Tavera
    El Paso County Jail
    Lorena Tavera, Miss El Paso 2008, was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting back in 2011. Tavera was at a Dillard’s in El Paso, Texas, where employees reported she had taken a $69 shirt, hid it in a plastic bag and left without paying.

  • 9 Meagan Simmons
    Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department
    Meagan Simmons was arrested on DUI charges back in 2010. Naturally photogenic, Simmons gained popularity from her mugshot, which sparked a meme storm. Simmons reportedly sued a website over one of the memes in 2014.

  • 10 Sean Kory
    Santa Cruz Polic Department
    Sean Kory was arrested in 2014 after he reportedly grabbed a FOX News reporter’s microphone, rubbed it “on his crotch” and attacked the reporter with “an aluminum tennis racket,” all during Santa Cruz’s Halloween parade. The green-eyed bandit and DGAF caused people to quickly draw comparisons between him and Jeremy Meeks.

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