Tricks and Treats: VH1 Fans Dressed Up Like Joseline, Safaree, Cardi B, & More for Halloween

*claps for a job well done*

Halloween weekend brought out the creativity from some very devoted VH1 fans who took to their closets with a sewing machine, and hot glue gun in hand. Some of you dug deep in your Momma’s closet to pull out the good fur to stunt as Safaree Samuels while others got meta with it by being a very specific meme of Yung Joc’s hair. Take a look at some of the best Halloween costumes from true blue VH1 fans.

  • 1 Gotta Have the Fur
    He forgot the coconut oil but this Safaree fan was on point.

  • 2 Sleazo and the Puerto Rican Princess
    This denim clad couple couldn’t help but take on everyone’s favorite and most controversial Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on-again, off-again super couples.

  • 3 Not Far Behind
    Not to be left in the background, Miss Nikki Baby and Safaree had their fans dressing just like them for Halloween.

  • 4 A Mob Wives reunion
    We may never see this reunion IRL but these ladies got their Drita, Karen, and Renee on for ole Hallow’s Eve.

  • 5 Down to the Sprite can
    This lady honored K.Michelle right down to her soda pop of choice.

  • 6 The HBIC of Halloween
    This “New York” fan got Tiffany Pollard’s iconic look and killed it.

  • 7 Beware of Meme Life
    Yo, first the memes of Yung Joc’s hair and now the Halloween costumes of the memes of Yung Joc’s hair.

  • 8 Auntie Joc, Take Two

  • 9 Famous Peeps Do Famous Peeps
    Tyga took on the role of Juelz Santana in this Dipset send-up with one of his boys honoring the great Love & Hip Hop OG Jim Jones.

  • 10 Baby Bret
    Baby Bret Michaels can’t handle the wig life.

  • 11 Not a Regular Schmegular Costume
    This gal got it poppin’ as Love & Hip Hop’s Card B.

Don’t miss the premiere of VH1’s Halloween special Grown & Sexy tonight at 10/9c. Happy Halloween, y’all!