From Interventions to Kisses In the Studio, Twitter Had a Lot to Say About Last Night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

What can we say? There's never a dull moment.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is always good for some drama, but last night’s episode was chock full of it. Where else on television can you tell me you’ve seen an intervention, a kiss we’ve all been waiting for, and a show-down between two enemies in one episode? As per usual, Twitter had a lot to say, and thank God because they’re funnier than I could ever be.

Twitter was concerned for Teairra Mari after watching her struggle this season with alcoholism. The intervention that Moniece and Co. planned hit everyone right in the feels.

On of the biggest moments of the episode was when Alexis Skyy and Masika finally met face to face. People were really tired of Masika’s name coming out of Alexis Skyy’s mouth:

But then, just as we thought we were going to get a show-down for the ages, the two finally met and it was…anti-climactic.

But we did finally see that Zell has fully transitioned over to the dark side:

And maybe Lyrica did, too?

Though we weren’t surprised Hazel-E found her way into the drama:

We were proud of Moniece though, for keepin’ her cool. Somehow she was the only person there who didn’t have drama and still managed to get knocked TF over.

Ah, how could we forget Brooke and Booby. Fans were, uh, skeptical about this one.

But here is the real question that is on all of our minds:

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Moniece, Zell, and Misster Ray share their thoughts on what went down at Zell’s team Alexis Skyy party. Bridget Kelly, Marcus, and A1 react to Brooke and Booby’s rehearsal.

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