In Case You Missed Them, These Were The Top 20 Stories of The Year On VH1

Who are the mothers of T.I.'s kids? WHERE are Keyshia Ka'oir's kids? And who's beefing with their own kids? There was a theme among all of our top posts.

After a full year of drama on, one thing is clear. Y’all love to nose around other people’s family business. In digging up all of our biggest posts of the past year, there was one pattern that emerged after looking at most of them, and that was just how invested fans are in celebs’ family life, relationships and babies. From discovering who (besides Tiny) has had a child with T.I., to watching Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage break down on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, to Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane’s wedding drama, there was so much to talk about this year. And we had the tea. Click the headlines to read each story (again).

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    Every fan of Love & Hip Hip was behind Remy Ma and Papoose’s desire to have a baby — the couple is the epitome of relationship goals, they had been through so much together, and face it, everyone is rooting for them at all times. We were elated when Remy announced her pregnancy, and devastated when she lost the baby. In our most-watched show moment of 2017, we all cried when Remy cried and Pap tried to keep it together for her sake.

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    The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta supertrailer gave us the first glimpse as Jasmine, Kirk Frost’s alleged mistress and the mother of his alleged new baby. It also gave us a look at a very pregnant Joseline, and Yung Joc’s auntie hair. It’s no secret why fans went wild watching it.

  3. Before we got a good look at Bonnie Bella’s face, it felt like Stevie and Joseline were tormenting us with hints and glimpses of her face and cute pics of tiny baby hands. When we finally saw that angel face, we fell in love.

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    Cease and Dutchess finally broke up last season, O’S**t got married, and Sky’s story deepened when she revealed so much more about giving her sons up for adoption. That’s a lot of drama to fit into a five minute trailer but y’all were here for it.

  5. The issues between Nicki and Remy kept us all sippin’ that tea well into the summer when it turned into iced tea. It came to a head at Summer Jam when Remy invited Cardi B, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Rah Digga and MC Lyte to perform onstage with her to deliver a powerful message of unity among women in hip-hop.

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    Call Karlie Redd messy all you want, but the woman knows how to investigate a fishy situation. When she brought some video evidence to Rasheeda about Kirk’s infidelities and alleged baby, it goes deeper than just a big reveal, Rasheeda’s emotions got the best of her. And Karlie. And us.

  7. The tension between Jackie and Evelyn on this season of Basketball Wives was undeniable, and it was all because Evelyn gave Jackie’s daughter Ta’Kari money to help her with a health issue after her son was injured. Why did Evelyn do it? Why didn’t Jackie help her daughter? What were the real motives? These were the questions that fans asked all season, and when Ta’Kari spoke up to answer them, the internet was listening.

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    Spoiler alert: it was a Toyota. But everyone got in their feelings about it.


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    Honestly, no one has made bigger changes or deserves it more.

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    When Kirk’s kids found out he cheated on Rasheeda, they were mad, sad, and comparing their dad to Bill Clinton. Time still hasn’t told us whether or not Rasheeda is going to be as forgiving as Hillary.

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    Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but when we scored interviews with Yandy, Samantha and Erika and compared all of their timelines as they related to when they were all with Mendeecees, we discovered a lot of flaws and discrepancies in some people’s stories.

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    The man kept talking about his SEVEN singles on the radio, and guess what? He really could back that claim up.

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    Like, FULL. FRONTAL. Nothing left to the imagination. We cannot unsee these.

  14. Never forget Michelle’s side-eye.

  15. We really just think everyone wanted their first glimpse at a very prego Joseline in this teaser for last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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    The love triangle we are all obsessed with came to its conclusion (onscreen, anyway) this season when Peter, Tara and Amina exited Love & Hip Hop. Only trouble is that even though Peter wanted to move on from Amina, the pair were (and are) still married. This saga will never end.

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    This is what happens when you hire new people at Black Ink.

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    Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane’s wedding was quite the spectacle, but once fans started wondering why her kids weren’t on-screen for the televised event, the woman was forced to make a public statement about her family that was invasive and interrupted the celebratory vibes.

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    People expected drama. What Tahiry gave them was pure class.

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    Find out who’s on the extended branches of the Harris family tree!