Smile, Love & Hip Hop Miami Cast Members! You’re on Candid Camera So We Meme’d Ya!

At least they looked good!

We know it’s their first official reunion as cast members of Love & Hip Hop Miami, but have they learned nothing from the franchise’s past?

The vibe was unique during the 305 taping in the 212, but like the rest of the Love & Hip Hop cities, Miami didn’t disappoint. The drama may have been different, but one thing remained the same: no one was able to stay 100% on point 100% of the time. Seriously it’s impossible with how long we film for the day and we’re not above turning these candid opportunities into hilarious memes. Consider this your induction, you sizzling stars of season one, and laugh a little because Bobby Lytes threatens to drag people a lot.

  • 1 When you walk into work dressed fresh AF and your coworker calls out, “I SEE YOU BOO!”

  • 2 Friend: “Look but don’t look, but do y’all see shorty in the onesie rocking bedazzled Uggs? I said don’t look!”

  • 3 “Hold up bro, she asked you back to the crib and wanted you to do what?!”

  • 4 Him: “You know I have a thang for college girls.” Her: “I’m actually in grad school.” Him: “i’M aCtUaLlY iN gRaD sChOoL”

  • 5 “You didn’t hear it from me but…”

  • 6 How every man from the hood begins to tell a story, “Aight, Boom!”

  • 7 “Girl, stop fake laughing. He’s not looking this way anymore.”

  • 8 Me when my man walks in at 4am from the club.

  • 9 2003 Prom Picture Pose

  • 10 When you’re watching TV and your mom walks in saying, “Boy wash the damn dishes!,” before even saying hi.

Can’t wait for part two of the reunion? Check out the sneak peek!

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