These Photos of Young Bae and Rob’s Son Niko Are Bound to Give You Baby Fever

If you need me, I'll be over here crying about his chubby little cheeks!

Young Bae and Rob are the ultimate #bae-lationshipgoals, and it looks like their cuteness as a couple has passed on to their adorable baby boy Niko. Making a premature entrance into the world (5 weeks early!) Niko already has a flair for the dramatic and is totally obsessed with his mama. Now 6 months old, he is displaying some serious cuteness. I mean, have you seen him? Suddenly I understand my Great Aunt Martha wanting to pinch everyone’s cheeks! So chubby and squeezable! Click through the gallery below for your daily dose of cuteness.

  • 1
    “I have arrived!”

  • 2
    He was adorable little straight out the womb.

  • 3
    He loves his mama!

  • 4
    Look at this little stud!

  • 5
    We stan a patriotic legend!

  • 6
    His bib doubles as a cape for when he decides to save the world as “throwup man!”

  • 7
    He’s so serious!

  • 8
    “It’s cool mom. You can take a nap! I’ll just chill right here…”

  • 9
    OMG, my heart cannot handle it.

  • 10
    He’s fashionable AF. Look at him already creating brand new uses for his pacifier!

  • 11
    No filter could hide this baby’s cuteness!

  • 12
    Someone get Niko a modeling contract!

  • 13
    “Um, excuse me. This is my toy…”

  • 14
    So excited for some football!

  • 15
    We’re glad he likes the Saints! Maybe he’ll manage Ceaser’s New Orleans shop when he gets older!

  • 16
    So handsome!

  • 17
    Adorable even when he’s fast asleep!

  • 18
    Or upside down!

  • 19
    Or in general. This kid is just TOO CUTE!

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