Scott Eastwood Reveals His Dad's Best Relationship Advice: Wear a Condom

Clint wants you to wrap it up.

Man of your dreams Scott Eastwood is the latest actor to bring an epic Nicholas Sparks love story to life in The Longest Ride (in theaters April 10). But how did the hunk learn to deal with the ladies in real life? Well, you could say it all started with a little talk from his dad.

We talked to the up-and-comer and co-star Britt Robertson about awkwardly watching sex scenes with their families, and the relationship advice Scott got from a Hollywood icon (his father, Clint Eastwood), including "the talk." (You know the one.)

So what's it really like working with the king of romance? Can shooting sex scenes actually be sexy? How do Britt and her famous boyfriend, Teen Wolf's Dyan O'Brien, maintain their long distance relationship? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What was it like working with Nicholas? Was it what you expected?

Britt Robertson: [I didn't know] how involved he’d be in the project – how often he’d be on set or how many ideas he would have for the character. He just let [director] George [Tillman, Jr.], Scott, and I rehearse and develop our characters ourselves. He had some input and gave us some advice based on his experiences but he was really generous in giving us a lot of freedom.

Scott Eastwood: He’s pretty hands-on. He does a lot of pre-work and then he leaves it to the director and the studio and producers and actors to go out and make the best movie possible.

When you’re working with him do you get the sense that he’s the king of romance novels?

BR: I think it’s hard to see that version of him because we’re his colleagues so we don’t get the romance version of [him]. He’s spoken a lot about these love letters he’s written his wife and I’m quite curious, I want to read one one day. Unless, Scott, do you get a version I don’t?

SE: Nope. Not being romantic towards me.

What do you think it takes to be a lead in a Nicholas Sparks' film?

BR: Versatility. You can’t be one note all the way throughout. It has to be a story with interest and you have to have a character with interest. There has to be moments of laughter, and obviously, emotion. [You need to] try new things and be dynamic.

You’re both young and hot. Do you ever get just a little turned on when shooting sex scenes?

Britt Robertson: Nah, it’s not like a whole lot of romance happening on a set to be honest with you. Especially with this movie, we didn’t have a ton of time. It’s rushed and we’re constantly just trying to get the scenes. Our sex scenes were always at the end of the day. It was never really one of those things where we could just get into the moment. We always just wanted to make sure it came across on camera the way we wanted it to and achieve what [director] George Tillman, Jr. wanted.

So it’s all choreography and no fun?

BR: Yeah, it’s pretty procedural.

Scott Eastwood: Well, no. Not procedural all the time.

BR: Maybe not for you, for me it’s pretty procedural. [Laughs.]

SE: I disagree. I think it was a lot of improvising and [trying to] just go with it. [You] try to make it as real as possible when you’re with a woman.

Would you ever take what you learned on set and apply it to real life? Or vice versa?

SE: I thought I stole my best moves from real life. [Laughs.]

BR: [Laughs] Yeah, no. I would like to think my real life is more romantic — at least there’s not people in the room.

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Is watching your sex scenes with family or significant others awkward?

BR: My boyfriend [Dylan O'Brien] is in the industry so it’s not a huge deal for him. With my family, they’ve watched me on TV doing all of the same stuff so they’re probably pretty used to it by now. But I’ve never actually been in a room with my family watching sex scenes or anything nitty gritty.

SE: Are they coming to the premiere? That could be a little tense of a moment.

BR: I’m not doing that, I’m not playing that game. That would be so bizarre, I could not handle that. [Laughs.]

SE: I don’t know how I’d feel watching that with my mom or my sisters, that would be a little bizarre. Maybe if we were from the South it would be totally fine.

BR: No! I’m from the South and it’s still not totally fine. [Laughs.]

Scott, your dad has given you great advice about your life and career, but what about in regards to the ladies?

SE: Think long and hard. Pay attention to the details. My mom said that, too. Pay attention to the little things. Oh my God, and yeah, wear a condom. [Laughs.]

BR: Nice.

SE: Yeah, safe sex.

What else do you mean by details?

SE: Pay attention to what they like, how they treat you, and obviously, how you treat them. Anyone could be in love at a coffee shop when things are going good and stuff, but the real test is how people behave when things aren’t going so well.

What’s the most outlandish thing you’ve done for love in real life?

BR: When I was shooting Secret Circle three or four years ago I was in Vancouver and my boyfriend was in Atlanta. I would work like a 19-hour day, and then go straight from set and drive to get the first flight at 6 AM and then fly from Seattle to Atlanta just to have maybe 24 hours. Long distance, man. You gotta do it.

SE: I mean, I’m single. Maybe I made all the wrong moves. [Laughs.]

Britt, how do you and Dylan maintain your relationship long distance?

BR: Communication in any form. Phone, texting, emails, pictures, Snapchat, whatever you got.

Fill in the blank: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do ____.

BR: Eat mashed potatoes. I hate [them]. Texture. [I] don’t like grits either. I won’t eat anything mushy.

SE: I wouldn’t compromise myself and what I stand for.

The movie has a combination of old school romance, like writing letters, mixed with more modern dating rituals, like texting. Which do you prefer? Are you up on your Tinder game?

BR: I was on Grindr once, just because I was curious. It was really interesting. I was myself, just talked to people, didn’t really have many interactions. The only people who would talk to me were people who wanted to have orgies or threesomes, so it didn’t last very long.

SE: I’m a guy that picks up the phone and calls. Sometimes [texting is] so hard to read, and you just want to hear someone’s voice. You just want to hear peoples’ reactions to things so you get their temperature.

Who is your dream celebrity guy or girl?

SE: Or we talking like a one night thing? What are we talking here?

Let’s say anything from one night to long term.

BR: Dylan O’Brien?

SE: Boring! [Laughs.] I’d go with like Halle Berry.

BR: Boring!

SE: That’s not boring, she’s sexy.

You guys seem like BFFs now. Will you be hanging out after the press tour?

BR: No. We’re gonna need a break from each other. [Laughs.]

SE: [Laughs.] No, no. We don’t hate each other at all.

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