Watch SNL's Kate McKinnon Slam Hillary Clinton As She Desperately Tries to Win New York

Another L for Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been in a bit of a losing streak during the democratic primary race, but her doppelganger played by Kate McKinnon is winning one weekly SNL sketch at a time. Last night, McKinnon donned a satin power suit to address centrist Clinton's streak and trying to win New York over her hard left Democrat opponent, Bernie Sanders.

To start off, they quickly made light work of her losing streak. Kenan Thompson comes in dressed as a repairman telling Clinton that he needs to repair seven holes in the wall, and yes, that's because she lost in seven states. McKinnon's Clinton says that this loss makes her "an underdog" as it humanizes her, adding that she had planned to lose.

She then turns her attention to the "Fat Apple" to encourage New York support two weeks before the primary. She dons a Yankees and “Meets” snapback for the fans, brings out a hot dog and nuts, which she pretends to eat before re-enacting Clinton's viral — and failed — attempt to use a Metrocard at a Bronx subway station.

Watch the hilarious sketch below.