After a Late Night Hookup, Ahm Walks Right Into an Intense Ambush on 'The Breaks'

Who TF is trying to kill Ahm?!

As the saying goes, new levels, new devils. After talking to Myesha about using his music to get out of the hood, Ahm found himself in a situation that could lead to his demise on the latest episode of The Breaks. Following a late night rendezvous a female friend, he quickly finds out that the meet up was a set-up and a shootout ensues during his walk home. Ever since taking measures into his own hands to avenge the death of his late friend Smoke, Ahm has been at the center of an on-going street war. Even DeeVee was dragged into the mix after the gangsta/rapper asks him to play the role of a false alibi.

The worst part about all of this, is that one of Ahm's close friends could be behind the ambush. After shooting and dodging as many bullets as possible, Ahm runs out of ammo, and finds himself face to face with danger. Will he make it out alive?

Watch the full highlight above!

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