Mayte Broke The Sugar Jar, Still Salty: Hollywood Exes' Sneak Peek

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Last week on the Hollywood Exes season premiere Mayte was thrown at the ladies' brunch when Nicole's daughter Bria showed up carrying a fur bag. Being an animal rights activist, Mayte feels passionate about fur and stormed out of the party but not before a jar of raw sugar mysteriously broke in the Murphy's kitchen.

On this week's episode, Bria insists she apologize to Mayte not for wearing fur but for the way she cussed Mayte out but also because she and Nicole want to see if Mayte will apologize for her part in the feud.

Check out the sneak peek to see if Mayte apologizes and tune into an all new episode of Hollywood Exes wednesday at 8 PM ET/PT to see how "Fur-gate Part 2" unfolds.