Everyone Do What Jimmy Page Says And Listen To Rival Sons’ New Song “Electric Man”

If it's good enough for Pagey, it's good enough for us.

Jimmy Page is without question a rock god, so we take anything he says as gospel. And if he says that Rival Sons are totally rad and worth checking out...who are we to defy him!? One listen to their new song "Electric Man," and it's not hard to see why Pagey's a fan. The fuzzy guitar and larynx-shredding vocals bear traces of Led Zeppelin in their prime.

After dropping their 4th album Great Western Valkyrie last year, the band is about to crank it up to "11" and explode onto the world stage. Their new '50s sci-fi themed video is an earth shaking display of their raw power. "We were recently asked to be an experiment in a laboratory study," bassist Dave Beste tells EW. "The people behind the study evidently wanted to measure our rock-n-roll power, and so we played ‘Electric Man’ and in the process we broke all their equipment. Somebody taped it and we made a special video out of it. So watch it, and enjoy it. We love science."

Follow Dr. Pagey's advice: press play and crank up the volume.