"She Didn't Send Money, She Didn't Do Anything For Her Grandson Who Was Horribly Burned." Evelyn Defends Her Decision To Donate Money To Jackie Christie's Daughter

"What she needs to do is get up out my face and then tell me 'thank you' for being there for her grandchild."

Jackie feels Evelyn's heart wasn't pure in helping out her eldest daughter and Ms. Lozada says that's simply not true in this Basketball Wives highlight.

When Jackie sees Evelyn at the '70s party, she can't help but speak her peace on her daughter's Go Fund Me situation. She tells Evelyn that she overstepped in donating money because Evelyn doesn't know the full story. What Jackie doesn't understand is that Evelyn doesn't care to know the full story, it's none of her business. She just saw an opportunity to help a very hurt baby boy, and as a mother to a baby boy herself, Evelyn understands that support is needed in such a time. Jackie continues to tell Evelyn that if she is feeling so charitable then she should splurge out of the goodness of her heart elsewhere and Evelyn is confused. Since when is helping someone a crime? To Tami Roman, it is when you're not being sincere and she is not buying for one second that Evelyn suddenly decided to be that generous.

Seems like everything is all good with Jackie now, though. Don't miss an all new Basketball Wives, next Monday at 9/8c!