Where To Catch Your Favorite Skins Cast Members on Film and TV this Fall

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Fans of the British teen drama, Skins, were definitely saddened when the show went off the air last summer. Over the course of seven series, audiences were introduced to a number of fine actors, such as Nicholas Hoult, who later went on to even bigger stardom. Thankfully, over the past year, cast members from all three generations have started to pop up in new films and TV shows. Those not quite ready to let go of Cassie (Hannah Murray), Cook (Jack O’Connell), or Emily (Kathryn Prescott) can find solace in seeing the actors who portrayed them back in the limelight this fall.

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Gotham Star Robin Lord Taylor Teaches Jarvis How To Penguin Walk



I have been obsessed with Batman ever since I was a wee little boy. So of course I’m freaking out over the new TV show Gotham, because it looks so badass! And OMG, what’s Batman without my favorite villain Penguin? It’s so cool that I ran into Gotham‘s “Penguin” also known as Robin Lord Taylor, in the VH1 elevator today!

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Did You Even Realize How Hot FX’s Leading Men Are?

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There’s no doubt that one of the hottest basic cable lineups belongs to FX. The channel as a whole is home to some of the boldest shows, and in its 20th year, it still takes major risks. The network has been rewarded with plenty of fans — who come back season after season, show after show, to not only see great scripted dramas and hilarious comedies but also some of the sexiest men on TV. Read more…

The Maze Runner Author Was Just As Obsessed With LOST As We Were, Says Series Heavily Influenced His Work

by (@TaylorFerber)


The Maze Runner author James Dashner calls himself an entertainment “nerd,” and clearly has the same taste in television as the rest of us. “The show LOST really influenced [The Maze Runner]. That show just means the world to me,” he told VH1 at the New York premiere of the film adaptation of his best-selling novel.

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