Learn How To Survive the Apocalypse with Dylan O’Brien and the Guys from The Maze Runner

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This weekend welcomes the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic film The Maze Runner, based on the novel by James Dashner. Aside from stating the obvious (it’s filled with buff guys and testosterone galore), it’s time you get to know these leading men a little bit better. Read more…

Get Jessica Alba’s Pink Moto Jacket and More in This Week’s Celebrity Shopping List

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This was a big week for fashion, kids! Searingly chic New York Fashion Week gave way to the funky-cool London version — plus, every actress worth their weight in Prada went hyper-glam for the Toronto Film Festival red carpet. From Emma Stone in a fringe-y, lacy black number (and a gorge new bob), to Olivia Palermo bringing back Western wear (fringe purses for the win!), every look was hotter than the next. Read more…

There Are Only 5 Things You Need To Know About This Is Where I Leave You

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Yes, This Is Where I Leave You is another family dramedy, but it’s definitely worth catching this weekend. Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, and Jane Fonda star in an ensemble film that makes us reflect on our own lives and families (and wish they were a tad bit crazier).

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This Week in WTF: Nick Cannon and His Emancipation from Mimi



It’s been a strange week for Nick Cannon. Ever since the tabloids revealed — and then he later confirmed — that he and Mariah Carey were headed for a divorce, the actor and one time singer has been subject of a lot of press. Among the highlights: his plan to make Amber Rose a star, questions about his net worth and $2 million shoes, and rumors about hanging with Toni Braxton.

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Shonda Rhimes Does Not Appreciate Being Called an “Angry Black Woman” by New York Times TV Critic

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Shonda Rhimes Scandal

New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley wasted no time addressing Shonda Rhimes‘ race in a piece on the upcoming ABC series, How To Get Away with Murder: “When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called ‘How to Get Away With Being an Angry Black Woman.’” Read more…

Yas Girl of the Week: Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling

Is there anything Mindy Kaling can’t do? At 35, Mindy created and stars on her own TV show, wrote and acted on The Office for eight years before that, and published a book. With The Mindy Project starting up its third season this week to the best hype it’s ever had, Mindy is on a roll. She is also carving the way for Indian-American women behind and in front of the camera on American television.

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Angelina Jolie Helps Raise Breast Cancer Awareness, Kendra Wilkinson Confronts Hank Baskett About Cheating Scandal + More of Today’s First Dibs

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Angelina Jolie‘s own experience with breast cancer has inspired women to get themselves tested, Kendra Wilkinson cries to Hank Baskett about his affair, Amy Adams is already getting Oscar buzz, and more of today’s First Dibs.

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Future Riddler of Gotham Before the Fox Premiere

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Like any good origin story, Fox’s upcoming series Gotham is tasked with showing viewers how many iconic DC Comics characters that they know and love came to be. In addition to good guys like Detective James Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) and a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), the mysterious metropolis is filled with plenty of villains-in-the-making. Read more…

Bill Hader Finds a Deeper Bond with Kristen Wiig and New Joy in Making The Skeleton Twins

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You mentioned you enjoyed the challenge of making this movie and I’m curious, what was the biggest challenge that you experienced while filming The Skeleton Twins?
I want to say the pace of it, but it wasn’t really the pace of it. Considering it was such a low-budget movie and we had no time, it still felt like we had time to do stuff which was great, and to explore which was nice. Craig kind of made that happen. I have to be totally honest about how cold it was. When we shot all these scenes on Halloween night, it was four degrees outside. It was so cold and I was in a dress, so that was awful.

Because of this film, a lot of people have been comparing your role to Stefon from SNL. When looking back on your career, do you ever feel there are characters that have been overlooked?
No, I never get like that. I just put something out there. You can’t really control what people think. I learned that pretty early at SNL. I wouldn’t get wrapped up — I would just say well, that was fun! It worked for me. I felt really good about it. You can’t really control what people are going to think.

Because everything is live on SNL was there a sense of freedom from being able to do multiple takes on set?
Oh yeah! Yeah with movies in general, it’s just nice to be a little more relaxed. There’s less pressure on nailing it the first time.

Was that style of taping SNL hard to shake? Did you feel the need to be on point every single take?
Not just by the nature of what we were doing and the nature of the movie because it’s different than SNL. I think because I was on SNL, it felt very limber. You’re performing all day, every day, nine months out of the year. I feel in shape, performing-wise, so SNL helps in that way. You just feel very prepared for going right in. I work with some actors and it takes them till take five — like it’s starting to gel, you know? It’s takes a while to get in and to get a rhythm going. And I think that just because of the nature of SNL, it was much easier for Kristen and I to immediately get into that rhythm.

The Skeleton Twins is in select theaters now and opening nationwide on Friday, Sept. 19. Hader will next be seen back on SNL as host on Oct. 11.

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