Power Star Omari Hardwick On Calling 50 Cent His Brother and Kissing Gabrielle Union


He wants Ghost to get his life together.
[I want him] to get away, to go back to square one. Go to the basement of someone that you know can protect you — even if it means having people on watch and going to a Southside Jamaica, Queens basement of sorts. If that means figuratively going there, [then] just get back to a place of trying to re-group your life. That’s the advice I would give him: To just [be] alone, which hopefully isn’t something that’s unwatchable. Maybe it is watchable to see this man really try to figure out how to break bad a la Bryan Cranston and what he did with Walter White. [It would be interesting] if we could see him just go back to this place and be a kid again — be broken down before becoming strong again.

He thinks Gabrielle Union is hilarious and doesn’t mind those awkward sex scenes.
It was a fun experience [on Being Mary Jane] because she laughs a lot as well—[she's a] funny girl, quick-witted, smart. We really laughed a lot, and were following the [NBA] playoffs at the same time. Obviously, I’m a sports fanatic and she was following the run of the Heat during that time, so it was cool. We had a lot of rapport on set for sure… I was invited—to every birthday party and the wedding and everything. We still very much stay in contact with each other and do all of those, “You good? Yeah I’m good.” It’s all there.

It’s never easy to do a basic sex scene, let alone one when you’re literally lifting people on walls and they’re with a significant other and you’re with a significant other. I mean, no, we would at times be like, “Mar [Mara Brock Akil], Salim [Salim Akil], are y’all kidding me? We gotta do this?” We used to say Mar and Salim were acting out their sexual fantasies [through] us. “Oh, y’all are trying to get us to do some things that y’all ain’t done at home? Y’all want a checklist? We’re supposed to complete the checklist? OK, cool.”

He envies Ghost’s style.
I wish I had his suit game, I wish I had his coolness at times. Something about it is cool — I think that sort of rebel with a cause [element] that Ghost has… I wouldn’t have done the show if [Power creator] Courtney [Kemp Agboh didn’t think that it actually is an intention of working some things out; there’s a method to Ghost's madness. I think that’s the thing I would love to impart in my own life a little bit more. It’s ironic. [but] maybe being an actor doesn’t allow you be as cool as him.

Don’t expect to see his character come back full-time on Being Mary Jane.
You will have to sit and wait, but I think that Courtney [Kemp Agboh] and some other people might be really upset if I came back, came back [to Being Mary Jane]. That would be really difficult, I think. I’ve never had to go into the places that I have to go to play Ghost.

Zoe Saldana: Beautiful in Every Color of the Rainbow



After famously being blue in Avatar, Zoe Saldana goes green for her latest role in Guardians of the Galaxy. While the James Cameron film did all her character’s effects in post-production, Guardians required many long days in the makeup chair. And as alien bounty hunter Gamora, her character was hard to shake during off-hours. “I would go home and soak myself in a tub of hot water and then all this green would just come out from my insides — I have no idea, like my pores were green, the pillow was green, my dog was green, the apartment that we were renting was green,” she told Live with Kelly and Michael this week.

With at least five more sci-fi sequels films on deck, we thought we’d go through the trouble of giving Zoe a sneak peek at what she’d look like in every shade of the rainbow — should the directors decide to go a different route. Enjoy!

Zoe Saldana Color Wheel

But how exactly does Zoe stay so sexy? Water, a good skin regimen, and hamburgers.

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Photographic Evidence That Chris Pratt and Patrick Wilson Are the Same Person

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It’s no secret that Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt has undergone a physical transformation over the past year. The dopey actor went from lovable with a cuddly squeeze to a lean, mean, sex appealing machine for his role as Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. An unexpected result of that transition was the reveal of Pratt’s inexplicable likeness to fellow actor Patrick Wilson.

No seriously — before you squawk at the idea — you need to review the photographic evidence (in the gallery above) to understand and appreciate how similar these two actors look. From scruff to hair and those piercing eyes, the two are a complete (and almost identical) package.

When Pratt first appeared on the scene he was nothing more than Amy’s older brother on Everwood or a likable surfer dude hanging out on The O.C. It wasn’t until he became the doughy guy in Parks and Rec that made us laugh that he caught our attention. But even then, there was something familiar about him… We weren’t alone in our thinking; Cheezburger had a similar idea.

But now that Pratt has shed the pounds, the likeness is uncanny. His Men’s Fitness photo shoot showed off Pratt’s more chiseled — albeit somewhat Photoshopped — side that reminded us of the same jaw line and washboard abs that wowed us in HBO’s Girls and Little Children. Ahem, Wilson!

Whether or not you believe us — and you really should — take a moment to appreciate how far Pratt has come. VH1 caught up with him at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere in New York this week, where he talked about what it takes to play a beloved superhero and the kinds of special powers his other famous characters happen to have.

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Selena Gomez Plans Revenge on Justin Bieber, Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron’s Make-Out Session Caught on Camera + More of Today’s First Dibs

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Selena Gomez

Is Selena Gomez throwing herself into the bizarro Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom drama? Did Chris Colfer have top secret intel on his Glee co-star’s wedding? Friday’s here, and we have just the right dose of celebrity news you’ll need to get you to the weekend.

    • Selena Gomez has been showing some serious booty lately. Justin Bieber revenge, anyone? [Hollywood Life]
    • Zoe Saldana thinks one of her Guardians of the Galaxy costars is the sexiest man alive. [PopSugar]
    • Dakota Johnson signs up to star in yet another sexy drama. [Cosmopolitan]
    • Nautical lovebirds Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron are having quite the time in Ibiza. [TMZ]
    • Kim Kardashian posts a rare makeup-free selfie. [Huffington Post]

  • How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders almost played Kate Austen on Lost. [E!]
  • Chris Colfer was just as surprised at Naya Rivera‘s wedding news as we were. [US Weekly]
  • Ben Affleck‘s ex-girlfriend says the actor was “controlling and moody.” [Naughty But Nice Rob]

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Stripper Wigs, Sizzurp, and Sky-Writing: 10 Next-Level Celebrity Meltdowns

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We’ve all had our rough patches. We don’t know a single person who hasn’t had a minor meltdown, a hissy fit, or even a mild psychotic break (everyone has That Cousin). But when A-list celebrities freak-out, they’re just so extra with it. They take it to a whole new level, make it theatrical. If it’s a really good meltdown, it could even look like performance art.

Take Shia LaBeouf, for example. Getting a DUI in Vegas or whatever would’ve been too mundane. No, he had to plagiarize a film, plagiarize an apology, apologize for both plagiarisms in sky-writing above the city of Los Angeles, and then chase a homeless man around Times Square. Genius! And then there are the rash of celebs who fall apart by rolling up on complete stranger’s houses, begging admittance, claiming to be God, or just sneaking in and passing out somewhere (we’re looking at you, Anne Heche, Amanda Bynes, and Martin Lawrence). In honor of these uber-dramatic hissy fits, let’s take a look at our favorite ones from the past 20 years.

Don’t remember Amanda Bynes’ crazy 2013? Allow this to refresh your memory.

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Jamie Foxx May Play Mike Tyson, Leonardo DiCaprio Applauds Orlando Bloom + More in Today’s Last Lap

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Jamie Foxx could be playing (yet another) pop culture icon, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt kick it old school to keep their romance alive, and everything you should know about today’s pop culture news.

  • Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx are “in discussion” about a future biopic on the heavyweight champ. [The Guardian]
  • Robert Pattinson encourages you not to annoy anyone on set, because they might pee in your bathtub. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio applauded Orlando Bloom for throwing a punch at Justin Bieber. [Naughty But Nice Rob]
  • Fox News host Bob Beckel called Andi Dorfman a “slut.” [ET]
  • Nickelodeon released the trailer for its live action movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. [EW]
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are never too busy for love. [Perez Hilton]
  • Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham posted a photo of her grandfather’s open casket on Facebook. [Starcasm]
  • Does Anna Kendrick have a hot dog named after her? [Village Voice]

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The Into The Woods Trailer Proves Disney Doesn’t Want Us To See Johnny Depp’s Face

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Into The Woods is one of our early picks for next year’s Oscar race. Yes, we based this solely on Meryl Streep‘s witchy hair, Rob Marshall‘s first film, and the fact that Stephen Sondheim‘s musical is humorous, haunting, and increasingly affecting with each viewing.

Despite being a story focused around beloved fairy tale characters, it is not necessarily a show for kids. On the heels of the first official photos hitting the Internet this week, an early trailer was released today. And while there’s no singing to be heard — even though this is a musical— there’s plenty of quick judgments to make around its stars. Chris Pine knows how to fill out a prince’s suit, Emily Blunt‘s Baker’s Wife shares the same frazzled look as Runway senior assistant Emily, and Meryl’s fierceness shines through despite the warts, wrinkles, and an overwhelming amount of grey hair. Please oh please let this be good. But what about Johnny Depp? You know, the major movie star who previously starred in a movie musical adaptation that was pretty good compared to some of the sludge that came before it? Here, all we get are elongated wolf fingers and the tip of a grey fedora — which, really? Is Disney afraid the modern interpretation of the Big Bad Wolf might scare children who probably shouldn’t see the movie anyway? (Repeat: This is not a children’s movie.) Is Depp still haunted by the ghost of Tonto?

There will likely be more trailers to come as fall approaches. Maybe Disney is holding their secret weapon close to the vest, or maybe they don’t want websites to rant about how insane a grown man in a wolf’s costume looks nearly five months before opening day?

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The Most Important Reactions to Sharknado 2: The Second One


9. This exclusive behind-the-scenes soundbite. 

10. Tara Reid’s decision to capitalize on her fame and make a shark-inspired perfume. (Yes, really.)

11. This girl’s deep emotional connection to Sharknado. 

Dive into these antics, and let us know what you thought of the film in the comments below.

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Sexy and Expecting: Moms-To-Be Who Got Naked on Magazine Covers

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By now we’ve seen the incredible photos of Zoe Saldana‘s nude magazine spread for Women’s Health UK, taken right before her pregnancy was announced. Zoe looks fabulous in the photos, but after keeping her pregnancy under wraps, we’re finally seeing her as the adorably pregnant woman she is. We can’t help but wish she’d rock her baby bump in the same confident fashion as she did in this spread. Maybe for baby No. 2? One thing is for sure: She wouldn’t be the first to do so.


[Photo Credit: Women's Health UK]

Stars like Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, and Nia Long have proudly flaunted their pregnancies on the covers of magazines, with no accessories other than their baby bumps. No matter their race, age, or background, we’ve seen celebrities all over the world give the average woman the confidence boost they need when it comes to having a bun in the oven. Hive fives all around for these kick ass women who had the courage to bare it all even with growing tummies. So when can we expect a ScarJo cover?

[Photo Credit: Elle, Ebony, Life & Style]