EXCLUSIVE: Chris Evans Discusses Making The Jump From Captain America To Snowpiercer


The 2013 South Korean science fiction film Snowpiercer by acclaimed director Bong Joon-ho featured an international cast and has been recognized as a modern classic of the genre. Adapted from the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, it tells the story of humanity’s last survivors living together on a massive train in a post-apocalyptic ice age. The movie’s protagonist, Curtis Everett, leads a rebellion on board the train and is played by none other than hunky Captain America star Chris Evans.

The Snowpiercer DVD and Blu-ray Disc comes out today and in celebration we’re posting this exclusive interview clip. Hear Evans and director Bong’s insights into the character of Curtis Everett. Find out why he shows a very different side of Evans acting prowess that fans haven’t seen before.  


You Can’t Fool Scott Foley! Watch Him Play “Scandal or Yankee Candle” On Big Morning Buzz Live


What do political scandals and Yankee candles have in common? Awesome names, of course. Scandal star Scott Foley stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to play a game inspired by his hit TV show called “Scandal or Yankee Candle.” In this funny quiz, Foley guessed whether a term referred to a major political scandal or a specific scent.

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Bethenny Frankel Is Returning To Real Housewives, But Is She Happy To Be Back?


Bethenny Frankel is headed back to reality television. The former talk show host will only have a part-time role on The Real Housewives Of New York’s upcoming season, but sources say Frankel begrudgingly took the gig. Why is the Skinny Girl maven dismayed about RHONY? Also, will the reality show’s cast members warmly welcome back Frankel? The Gossip Table has the scoop.

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Amber Rose is a Damn Style Icon. Get Over It.

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Amber Rose is one of the most important fashion icons of our time. Seriously! She’s always set the tone for over-the-top style, ever since she first stepped on the scene in 2009, wearing curve-clinging couture and enormous hooded furs. Even though she’s landed on our Worst Dressed list, we have to admit it—we’re in awe of her fearless style choices. Face it, she’s a trailblazer.

On the magnificent MILF’s thirty-first birthday, let’s take a look at her greatest fashion hits.

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Will Chase on Bringing Bombshell to Broadway and the Whereabouts of Debra Messing’s Smash Scarves


Smash Debra Messing Will Chase

[Debra Messing and Chase in Smash. Photo: NBC]

Do you have plans to come back to Broadway in the off-season?

That’s hard to do. I mean it would have to be a play because you know, when you’re starting a new musical or something like that, you’re signing like a year of your life away. So you can’t really commit to something. I would love to.

Getting back to your work on Smash, if they ever brought a Bombshell musical to Broadway, would you want to participate?

God, no! I’m kidding. No, that’s great musical material. It’s funny, people would always tell me, “Oh, this song would never be in a Broadway show.” Well, they’re not writing for a Broadway show, they’re writing for a television show about a Broadway show. If you’re writing a straight-ahead Broadway song, it’s going to tell story and plot and things like that and take our character on a journey. We don’t have that time in our minute and a half. We have to have Joe [DiMaggio] singing to Marilyn [Monroe]. Do you know what I mean? So it’s a different thing. I mean, I think that’s great material. A Bombshell musical, I don’t know. Maybe if Marc Shaiman calls me, we’ll do it. Sign me up!

I think one of the lasting legacies of Smash is Debra Messing’s scarves. Did you save any of those?

They’re probably in a warehouse somewhere along with Megan Hilty’s wigs.

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Fashion Pioneer Oscar de la Renta Dead at 82 + More of Today’s First Dibs

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oscardeadcopy Celebrities honor the late Oscar de la RentaBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make us even more jealous of their lives (yup, that’s actually possible), Teresa Giudice wants her prison time to be like Orange Is the New Black and more of today’s First Dibs.

  • Fashion legend Oscar de la Renta passed away at 82. [Forbes]
  • Blake Lively flaunts her baby bump, this time with her man by her side, and they’re basically perfect in every way. [Perez Hilton]
  • Teresa Giudice requested to go to the Danbury federal prison in Connecticut, which inspired Orange Is the New Black. You can imagine how that went down… [E!]
  • Jennifer Garner made a moving speech about sexism during last night’s Elle Women in Hollywood event. And yes, everyone you love was there. [E!/PopSugar]
  • Bryan Cranston has his own way of dealing with the mom in Florida who protested the Toys R Us Breaking Bad toys. [USA Today]
  • Zac Efron jams out with Alesso on set of the “DJ movie” We Are Your Friends. [Dancing Astronaut]
  • After HIV testing, the porn production moratorium has been lifted. [Huffington Post]
  • Russian tennis official Shamil Tarpischev has been suspended for a year for referring to Venus and Serena Williams as “the Williams brothers.” [USA Today]
  • The Big Morning Buzz Live crew allows us to relive that really awkward moment from Family Feud. You know which one.
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Celebrity Dads Doing Extra DILF-y Things

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What is the single hottest thing about a Hollywood star? Many would argue that the sight of a handsome man holding a puppy will always make you melt. But even hotter? Your Hollywood crush holding, playing with, and/or taking care of his children. What you’re about to learn is that no man is too proud to look absolutely ridiculous if it’s for the sake of his mini-mes. Ben Affleck taking his kids trick-or-treating. Channing Tatum shamelessly wearing a pink butterfly blanket to amuse little Everly. Chris Hemsworth rocking a BabyBjorn. Your hearts are about to melt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Tori Spelling Undergoes “Ebola-Like” Quarantine, Bethenny Frankel Returns to Real Housewives + More in Today’s Last Lap

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Tori Spelling is hospitalized during a health scare, Bethenny Frankel isn’t quite done with reality TV, Tyra Banks has (yet another) daily talk show coming to ABC, and more in today’s Last Lap.

  • Tori Spelling was reportedly hospitalized and quarantined for pneumonia, not ebola. [US Weekly]
  • Tyra Banks’ new show The F.A.B. (Fun And Beautiful) has been cleared for a fall 2015 launch by ABC. [Deadline]
  • Bethenny Frankel announced she’s officially returning to The Real Housewives of New York. [Huffington Post]
  • Marcel the Shell just made a comeback, guys.
  • Marla Sokoloff is expecting her second baby with her husband and musician Alec Puro. [People]
  • Jay Leno receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. [E!]
  • Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn talks late night snacks with the Big Morning Buzz Live crew.

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