Episode 6

Season 2 Ep 611/27/2008

It is now the halfway point in treatment and it's time for Family Weekend!! As the patients move into the next stage of treatment, they begin to focus on how to take action to move forward in their recovery. Dr. Drew and his staff are faced with the challenge to help patients reconnect with their friends and family as they work toward solutions. However as Dr. Drew moves forward with building everyone up for Family Weekend, inevitably patients begin to unravel.During Dr. Drew's meeting with Steven and his mother Deanna, Steven stormed out in complete disgust and defeat. He's completely fed up with his mother's denial of emotionally abandoning him. In his attempt to calm Steven down, Dr. Drew tells him that he realizes he and his mother's relationship is not resolvable right now. He decides that it's best to keep them apart and not allow his mother to attend Family Weekend.As Family Weekend approaches, excitement builds amongst all the patients as they look forward to seeing their friends and family. For some reason though, Rodney is falling apart. He is deeply affected by the idea of his daughters visiting since he hasn't seen them for many years of his drug addiction.Meanwhile, Tawny is wrestling with her own fears of facing off with her eldest daughter Wynter in an individual family session with Dr. Drew. She reveals to Amber how Wynter resents her and blames her for the divorce. Tawny understands it's a much-needed discussion but nervously ponders over whether or not she's ready.When Dr. Drew discovers that Rodney's daughters aren't coming to Family Weekend, he immediately calls Bob and Sasha to help him address this issue with Rodney. Dr. Drew thinks it's imperative for his daughters to attend Family Weekend in order for Rodney to sustain his sobriety. As Dr. Drew begins to dig for facts, Rodney squirms and dances around the truth of the matter. Dr. Drew points out to Rodney that he is going against doctor's orders. His daughters also need tons of treatment and if they are not being treated correctly, then it puts him at risk. Even with Dr. Drew's frightening prognosis, Rodney still doesn't provide a clear reason. Sasha, with her woman's intuition, finally asks if the reason he doesn't want is daughters present is because his fiancé Dawn may not get along with them. She hit it on the head as Rodney responds with an awkward silence.Dr. Drew is determined to help Rodney reconnect with his daughters and decides to set up a visit at the Pasadena Recovery Center, away from Family Weekend and Dawn. During the meeting, Rodney reveals to his daughters, Danae and Candace, the reason why he has been avoiding them. He admits that he doesn't like to see them while he's battling with his addiction. Rodney's daughters express how their love and support hasn't wavered and still remains strong. Danae reminds Rodney of the promise ring she still possesses as a token of her commitment to being a part of Rodney's life. In the end, Rodney vows to never lose contact with his daughters again whether he is sober or not. This is a great step forward for Rodney's recovery.Family Weekend arrives and everyone is thrilled to see their loved ones. However, Dr. Drew supervises the group with a watchful eye as family members file in. Sean's parents are a no show but his girlfriend Caleigh comes to support him. Amber's mom Carol, who is still experiencing the early stages of detox, becomes ill and is ordered to rest inside for the day.Dr. Drew and Dr. Sophy lead the discussion for family process group where everyone examines drug addiction and how it affects the family. Nikki discovers how she needs to set boundaries with her kids, realizing she can't be a friend to them like her mother was to her. Jeff and Vikki dispute over a past physical altercation and cause a scene as usual. Sean's girlfriend Caleigh breaks down into tears over Sean's infidelities and finally gets honest with her emotions. In the end, everyone succeeds in exposing very sensitive issues which leads Dr. Drew and Dr. Sophy to then perform individual sessions with different families.In the session with Dawn and Rodney, Dr. Drew and Dr. Sophy learn that Dawn doesn't get along with the daughters and doesn't think they have Rodney's best interests at heart. Rodney is still very uncomfortable speaking about the tension and barely gives any feed back. Surprisingly, Dawn tearfully reveals her own battle with depression and Dr. Drew urges her to take care of herself and concludes it's a symptom of the co-dependent relationship with Rodney.In the session with Tawny and Wynter, Dr. Drew and Dr. Sophy learn that Wynter's biggest issue is playing the mother role with her youngest sister Rainey. She no longer wants to take on that responsibility. Dr. Drew instructs Wynter to speak up to her mom and ask for simple kinds of mothering because it's time for Tawny to grow up and be a mom.In a heart wrenching session with Steven and Carolina, the doctors learn that Steven wants to go on tour after treatment, much to their disapproval and Carolina's. Dr. Drew sees the trip as a huge threat to his sobriety and thinks Steven should consider sober living. Dr. Drew furthers his point with Carolina by making her think about Steven using again and asks, "What if Steven dies?" Carolina can not bare to sit with the thought of his death and breaks down into tears.For the second half of Family Weekend, everyone hits the beach where they have fun together and learn to be of service to their families by preparing a meal for them with a famed chef. Sean and Steven decide to go for a swim instead of participating with their peers. Dr. Drew reprimands them for being non-compliant and threatens to discharge them if they do it again. Meanwhile Jeff complains about his back aching and refuses any attempts to participate. Dr. Drew chats with him in the production trailer and discovers that Jeff's issues with the beach are much deeper than his back pain, and stems from traumatic childhood memories.Dr. Drew finally brings everyone together for dinner where Gary presents a poignant toast about his progress, confessing to the group that he's the one that needs help, more so than giving help to others. A tremendous breakthrough met with applause.The patients end Family Weekend by gathering around a small bonfire to perform the God Box ceremony. Each person acknowledges past resentments on pieces of paper and lets them go with God and burn in the fire. It was a magical moment right at sunset...a perfect ending.