Episode 5

Season 2 Ep 511/20/2008

In his most desperate act yet, Jeff Conaway has called 911 and informed the authorities that he's being held against his will. The police arrive and Jeff tells them he's in pain and wants to go home, but Dr. Drew is worried that Jeff is suicidal. Dr. Drew relates that he fears Jeff's going to intentionally hurt him self or accidentally overdose on meds. The officers ask Jeff if he often makes references to suicide. Jeff admits that he talks about it to get the stress out, but wouldn't actually go through with it. The police recommend Jeff stay put at the Pasadena Recovery Center, or go to Las Encinas hospital...but they don't feel comfortable sending him home. Frustrated with his choices, Jeff ultimately decides to stay and Dr. Drew is grateful.The next morning, Jeff awakens from a dream and suddenly feels no pain. He is in a jovial mood and even performs another tap dance for Dr. Drew. But not everyone is excited about Jeff's dramatic turnaround. A sulking Amber confesses that she's frustrated that Jeff can make such a fuss and always get away with it. She wants the freedom to do the same, but also acknowledges that there are consequences to acting out. Bob believes that it's only a matter of time before each of the patients begin acting out and warns that there's more anger in the group than they're all willing to admit.In an effort to prevent such outbursts, the group is sent to art therapy. The instructor, Kristy, compares anger and rage to a monster. She encourages them all to let their monster out, and put it onto the canvas. As the celebrities turn their agony into art, Kristy notices that Steven is upset. She tries to reach out to him, but he is evasive. Something about Steven's inner monster has brought painful memories of his mother to the forefront and he leaves the room in a huff.Outside, Steven confides to Shelly that he's having trouble dealing with the bitterness he has towards his mother. He wants to move on, but how? Shelly is empathetic and urges him to return to the art room to complete his drawing.Back inside, it's time for show and tell. Nikki reveals that her painting is a reminder that sometimes anger comes out as tears, and other times as rage. Jeff, however, has drawn only one thing. In the middle of his paper is the word: HIT. He says the word represents the anger he retains from the abuse he suffered as a child. Jeff admits he has a way of finding fights -- a declaration that proves insightful.As the group exits the art therapy studio to return to the unit, Gary and Jeff have a dispute about who is going to sit in the front seat of the van. The standoff is intense and both Gary and Jeff get physical. The rest of the group can only watch in stunned silence as Jeff screams in Gary's face. Shelly arrives to mediate, but it's too late. A tense compromise is reached and the group returns to the unit where Gary again confronts Jeff, telling him that they've got to stop the fighting. Jeff isn't ready to talk sensibly and things get heated yet again. Sean takes exception to Gary's behavior on Jeff's behalf and then finds himself the victim of Gary's ire.At this point it's clear: everybody is fed up with Gary's boundary problems. An emergency community meeting is called. Dr. Drew tries to mediate, but not everyone is willing to accept Gary's repeated apologies. They want the inappropriate behavior to stop. Jeff even goes so far as to say that Gary belongs in a psych ward. Dr. Drew's resolution is to appoint the conflict-averse Rodney to monitor the persistent boundary issues. A reluctant Rodney agrees saying, "if I'm not part of the solution, I'm a part of the problem."However, in an effort to show that Gary has redeeming qualities, Dr. Drew proposes to Gary that they all sit down as a group and watch one of Gary's films. Gary demurs because he thinks that no one will be interested. Nonetheless, Drew is able to convince Gary to give it a shot, with the intention that people will embrace Gary for who he really is, rather than what he appears to be.Meanwhile, Steven meets with psychologist Sherry Gaba to work out some of his anger issues regarding his mother. Steven claims that much of the disgust he feels for his mother originates with the fact that he feels she has taken money from him. Sherry is unable to get through to Steven, who is afraid that his mother will adversely affect his sobriety. Dr. Drew steps in and suggests that Steven sit down with his mother face-to-face and work things out. Steven is hesitant but finally agrees.Gary is given his own personal movie premiere for his role in the film Buddy Holly. Jeff provides an enthusiastic introduction and the group is rapt with attention as they see Gary at his dramatic best. When the movie is over, Jeff praises Gary's performance and rewards him with a hug. It seems as if Dr. Drew's gambit worked: Gary is humanized in the eyes of his peers and there appear to be no hard feelings.Finally, Dr. Drew, Dr. Sophy and Steven sit down for a meeting with Steven's mother, Deanna. It is a tense whirlwind of accusations, denials and resentment. Steven is so flustered that he storms out of the room, leaving the many issues between he and Deanna unresolved, possibly forever.