Episode 7

Season 2 Ep 712/4/2008

It's day fifteen at rehab, and the patients are starting to feel better; more vibrant and alive. So much so that the guys are suddenly waking up to the fact that there is a very sexy woman in their midst that they have hardly noticed: Shelly. The ever professional Shelly brushes off the complimets and focuses the patients on the task at hand: how to stay sober once they have left the safe environment of the recovery center. Dr. Drew reminds the patients that being of a service is a great way to stay grounded in recovery, and informs Sean, Tawny, Amber and Steven that he has arranged for them to volunteer at the Midnight Mission, serving food to the homeless. While Sean, Tawny and Amber are excited at the opportunity, Steven refuses to go, saying that it is too risky for him to go downtown and he's scared he'll try to sneak off to score drugs or drinks. When the three volunteers arrive at the mission, Amber is immediately overwhelmed with emotion and starts to feel triggered. She is reminded of her own story, how quickly her life spiraled downward when she was using drugs, and how close she was to ending up like the people at the shelter. Although she keeps it together for a while, eventually her anxiety overwhelms her and she tells Shelly she needs to leave. Meanwhile back at the Recovery Center, Dr. Drew holds one-on-one sessions with some of the patients who aren't at the mission. He is very concerned with Nikki's inability to face her mother's death. Dr. Drew thinks it would be extremely helpful for Nikki to focus on her creativity and get back to writing songs. Nikki, who immediately starts crying at the mention of her mother, refuses to write anything, saying that she hasn't been able to write a song since her mom died. Dr. Drew warns her that if she keeps pushing aside her emotions and ignoring her grief, she will eventually find herself in a hole so deep she won't be able to dig herself out. Later on, Nikki finally tries to write a song, but is still suffering from serious writer's block. With Jeff, Dr Drew wants to make sure that he is thinking about options for his future outside of rehab. Dr. Drew thinks that Jeff would make an excellent teacher, but the thought of life on the outside of rehab overwhelms Jeff with emotion. He admits that the reason he keeps coming back to drugs is because life is so hard, and he can't deal with all the loss and failure. Still, he wants to get better and agrees to consider the idea of being a teacher. The next morning, Dr. Drew wants to return the focus to how the patients will stay sober in the outside world. He encourages Steven to consider moving into a sober living house once he has finished his treatment, but Steven is resistant to the idea. In process group, Dr. Drew asks all the patients to consider their fears about staying sober and what they will do about them. Rodney is afraid of being in situations where there is social drinking, but says his solution is to just stick close to the fellowship. Steven is concerned about the business he works in, saying that there are a lot of people who want to see him fail. He doesn't want to think about the solution though, insisting on living "one minute at a time." Dr. Drew again brings up sober living, and Steven still says no. Bob reminds the group that recovery doesn't work because of him or Shelly or Dr. Drew, but because of them, the patients. It is up to each of them as individuals to work at their sobriety. Immediately after group, Dr. Drew gets a call from Seth "Shifty" Binzer's sponsor. Seth, who was a patient last year on celebrity rehab, has locked himself in a hotel room where he is binging on crack. Dr. Drew heads off to go talk to him, with the intent of bringing him back to the Recovery Center for treatment. When he gets to the hotel, Dr. Drew has a hard time getting Seth to let him in, but eventually he talks to Seth, who is skinny and paranoid due to a long crack binge. Dr. Drew does manage to convince him to come back to rehab, but once he gets there Seth decides he's not ready and goes out to score and smoke more crack. He doesn't come back until later that night, and once he's back, he gets up on the roof and won't come down. Dr. Drew is very concerned about how the other patients, who are at an off-site twelve step meeting, will react when they come home to find Shifty on the roof smoking crack. When they get back, Shelly explains the situation. For Sean and Rodney, seeing Seth is a reminder of how low drugs can take you, and they are grateful for their sobriety. Amber empathizes with Seth, relating to him not wanting to face the comedown. As it gets later and later, all of the patients wonder if Seth will ever put down the crack, get off the roof, and join them at celebrity rehab.