Episode 2

Season 2 Ep 210/30/2008

Dr. Drew's patients have only recently checked in to Celebrity Rehab, but there is already a major predicament. Gary Busey is feeling insecure about his place amongst the patients. He would like to make it clear to Dr. Drew that he is here to provide assistance and guidance. Gary's insistence on administering care - rather than receiving it - is a major concern for Dr. Drew. It's unclear yet whether Gary will be able to join the group, or keep setting himself apart from it.Day 2 of Celebrity Rehab begins and all is not well. Several of the patients are detoxifying from the dangerous drugs on which their bodies have become physiologically dependent. In the first group process meeting, Dr. Drew and his staff point out that the first obstacle they must face in treatment is the fear of kicking their drug habits, which can be a painful and uncomfortable experience. Dr. Drew likens the process to grieving - a notion that resonates with most of the patients.Meanwhile, Dr. Drew has made it a priority to address his concerns about Gary's brain filter problems by setting up a meeting with board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Sophy. After evaluating him, Dr. Sophy concludes that the head injury Gary received from his motorcycle accident has resulted in damaged neurological filters in the brain, which creates impulse control problems. Dr. Sophy suggests that the symptoms can be curtailed with medication. Surprisingly, Gary is agreeable to the solution...for now.Then, there's the complicated matter of Jeff Conaway's girlfriend Vikki, who has been admitted to a different wing of the same facility to receive treatment for her own substance abuse problems. Her presence has become problematic, as Jeff has made it a custom to go to the doors adjoining the two wings to bemoan their separation. New staff member Loesha asserts herself quickly by trying to put Jeff's focus away from Vikki, and on the task at hand -- getting sober. Jeff is in a lot of physical pain and is already not buying into rehab this time around. He ends up wanting to pack his bags and leave. The other patients surround Jeff as he's on the phone with Vikki and try desperately to rally Jeff to stay put. Seeing the opportunity to save the day, Gary re-ignites his role of "angelic intervention" by taking control of the situation and irritating Jeff to the point of exhaustion. Jeff eventually surrenders and decides to stay another day.We continue to watch the patients go through the various steps of detox with Nikki, Jeff and Amber having the toughest times. Steven spent the week before rehab detoxing at the Las Encinas hospital, so he is now suffering from nightmares as he starts to come out of the fog. Rodney is a champ as he deals with his symptoms by trying to exercise them away. Sean and Gary just sort of lounge around, as both of them were sober coming into rehab. Tawny is struggling to get a good night's sleep since Dr. Drew took her off the highly addictive and dangerous sleeping meds she was on.Eventually the patients get a reprieve from the taxing work of rehab when friends and family are allowed to visit for the first time. Some of the visitors are supportive and enthusiastic, like Steven's wife Carolina. On the hand, there are visitors like Vikki who arrive in a state of utter desperation. It seems that Dr. Drew's fears about Vikki becoming disruptive are proving to be true, but Loesha quickly steps in and mediates for Jeff, which seems to calm the situation.As the guests begin to leave, Gary Busey's manic energy finally reaches its apex. He nearly shoves Carolina out the door, and then recruits Amber and Tawny into a secret conversation about hypnotherapy. Uncomfortable with the constant filming by the VH1 crew, Gary tries to avoid being videotaped during this "personal" conversation. When the cameras continue filming, Gary erupts and makes a huge spectacle...even pushing a cameraman in the process. Once again Loesha intervenes, as everybody else runs for the hills, but her reprimands have come too late. An enraged Gary storms off to his room and slams the door, fed up with the reality of being a "patient" in Celebrity Rehab.