Episode 8

Season 2 Ep 812/11/2008

It's day 18 of Celebrity Rehab and the patients are getting a first hand look of what relapse is all about. Seth "Shifty" Binzer, a graduate of last year's program, is on the roof, smoking crack while Shelly tries desperately to get him down and into the PRC for the safety of himself and the entire unit. When Seth finally enters the rehab facility, he doesn't come empty handed. He has hamsters, remote controlled toys, and a few drugs still up his sleeves. As Shelly tries to do her assessment with Seth, he becomes combative and tries to leave one more time. Luckily, with Shelly's persistence, Seth stops fighting the process and goes to bed.In the morning, the patients discuss the adventures of the night before with Seth on the roof. Dr. Drew stresses the importance of seeing what happened with Seth for what it really is, a reminder of how vigilant they have to be to maintain their sobriety once they leave treatment.With all the excitement Seth brought to the unit, the patients are anxious for him to wake up and become a part of the group. Meanwhile, Dr. Drew takes a moment to thank Shelly for her hard work and dedication in getting Seth into the unit; because of her, Seth is there and alive. The rest of the day focuses on the idea of relapse. The patients discuss their fears and concerns of going into the world again and not being able to use and how difficult it will be. Some, like Rodney, have experience with relapse and know how easy it is to fall back into their addiction. For others, it will be their first attempt at staying clean in the reality of the outside world.It seems as though some of the excitement and talk of relapse has affected Steven and he becomes increasingly volatile and non-compliant. Meanwhile Amber, Tawny and Sean discuss the possibility of Sober Living. Sean is adamant about not going, thinking he doesn't need the rules and structure it enforces, while Amber remains open to the idea admitting that it is something she might need. As Steven's agitation increases, he becomes violent towards Shelly, kicking the med closet doors and verbally abusing her.Between the exhaustion brought on by Seth's arrival and Steven's violent outbursts, Shelly finally reaches her breaking point. Knowing how vital Shelly is to the entire treatment process, Dr. Drew takes her on a walk to get away from the stresses of the unit and to regroup so she can continue to do her best in the final days that lie ahead. Once back on the unit, Steven apologizes to Shelly and all is forgiven. However, Dr. Drew stresses to Steven that this behavior will not be tolerated here or in the real world, and talks with him about the importance of having a solid plan for himself moving forward.Seth begins to wake a little and Dr. Drew and Shelly check in on him to make sure his detox is where it needs to be. Seth's doing well but Dr. Drew wonders what it's going to take for him to finally stay sober. While the doctors are busy with Seth, Rodney gets onto Sean about his hygiene and overall cleanliness. Tawny steps in and reminds Rodney that Sean wasn't parented in the same way as they were and Sean's doing the best he can. Rodney understands, and Tawny encourages him to step up to teach Sean a few things he probably didn't learn from his own father growing up.Dr. Drew talks with the group about what it means to get sober and to stay sober. Seth talks about how much easier it gets to go back to the drugs each time he relapses. Shelly explains that if they are truly going to stay sober, they need to do the program 100%, and they can't choose the parts they'll adhere to and the parts they won't, because they just won't stay sober that way. Jeff admits that his sobriety has a better chance now that Vikki is getting treatment as well. Dr. Drew explains how invested in their sobriety the treatment team is and how desperately they want each of them to conquer their addictions.Statistics say that one out of every ten people will get and stay sober. This frightening thought causes conversation amongst the group and they decide that they can beat the statistic if they want it bad enough, but they have a lot of work ahead of them if they decide to put their sobriety first and do everything it takes to get clean and overcome the odds.Because the group still seems unsure about continuing their treatment after graduation, Dr. Drew decides to take them all to a surprise location to show them what sober living is all about. This way they'll have a first hand look at what a sober living facility is and they'll be able to learn more about what it entails. Dr. Drew reveals, once at the home, that this is the exact sober living facility they would like for them all to commit to upon graduation. Unfortunately the reaction to the house is overwhelmingly negative and even turned a few of the patients off the idea of sober living in general.Back at the PRC the patients discuss the possibility of going to sober living. And to help meet the needs of the celebrities, Dr. Drew entertains the idea of finding a new home, hoping that getting the patients involved in the process and finding a house that is up to their standards will ultimately help them to decide to go into sober living.Because the majority of the patients are performers and they have all been working really hard on some really tough issues, Dr. Drew decides to take them all to a sober night out at a local comedy club. Here Nikki will also have the opportunity to sing a song to her peers, something she has never done sober. Although this seems like a great idea, Nikki struggles with the thought of performing without using before hand.In the midst of the excitement of going out, Jeff suddenly becomes ill and despite Vikki's attempts to get him to go out with the rest of the group, he refuses, saying he's not feeling well enough to go. While at the comedy club, all is going well until one of the comics makes a joke about Sean's dad that Sean takes a little too personally. But after he gets some fresh air and cools off, it's time for Nikki to sing her song for the group and to perform for the first time sober. Nikki gets through her fears and does an amazingly beautiful job singing her song, the first of many accomplishments to achieve sober.As the patients file back into the PRC, Jeff is clearly enraged about something. Vikki goes in to check on him and it turns out that his abandonment issues have consumed him and he can't accept that Vikki went out without him. As Vikki attempts to calm him down and talk to him, Jeff becomes increasingly more and more angry with her and eventually ends up kicking her in the chest. Vikki is left in shock and pain and Loesha is left with an abusive situation and an entire unit to manage. Just another night at Celebrity Rehab.