Episode 4

Season 2 Ep 411/13/2008

As the midpoint of Celebrity Rehab 2 draws near, the patients at Pasadena Recovery Center are going to start facing tough emotional issues while they explore what is behind their addictive behavior. With this in mind, Dr. Drew leads a discussion about mothers, a subject that can be particularly touchy to some addicts. Steven Adler's abandonment issues, for example, are a direct result of a dysfunctional relationship with his mother. Amber Smith shares that she was forced to support her drug-addicted mother at a very young age. Nikki McKibbin can also relate, as her mother's death was a result of many years of alcohol and drug abuse.Dr. Drew recognizes that he struck a nerve with this sensitive topic and it needs to be further addressed on an individual basis. He calls Nikki in for a one-on-one and she admits that she didn't realize how much her mother influenced her own addiction. However, she still blames herself for her mother's death, and yet simultaneously resents her mother for showing her how to use in the first place. Drew also approaches Amber with the idea of getting treatment for her mother, a notion to which Amber has lukewarm response because she fears her mother's reaction might be unfavorable.It is also becoming clear to Dr. Drew that Jeff's continuing back pain must be addressed. In a face-to-face meeting, Jeff conveys that he's struggling to cope with his pain and is afraid to be around Vikki, not only because of what she might do to him, but the violence he might enact upon her as revenge for repeatedly kicking him in the back. Drew is obligated to inform Vikki of Jeff's threats, so he calls her in with the hope that mediating between the two of them might bring a constructive resolution to their domestic issues. Vikki and Jeff agree that their relationship is based on mutual fear of retribution. Both commit to working it out, but Drew cautions that nothing will be resolved if they continue to use drugs.Later, in a process group, Drew connects drug addiction to sexual and physical abuse. Nikki relates how she suffered both at the hands of a cousin. Tawny is visibly shaken by Nikki's candor and reluctantly brings herself to acknowledge for the first time ever, a very personal and dark secret -- she was also the victim of sexual abuse. As is so often the case, Tawny has sympathy for her abuser and has conflicting feelings of self-blame. Dr. Drew is led to the conclusion that abuse, genetics and addiction seem to be inextricably linked for this particular group of celebrities.As the meeting with her mother draws near, a nervous Amber prepares herself with a disturbing ritual of excessive primping. The make-up, she says, is her armor against her mother's rigid standards of beauty. Dr. Drew tells Amber that he wants her to have control of the meeting and that he will gently broach the topic of treatment for her mother when the time is right.In the meeting, Amber's mother Carol, says that she recognized Amber's drug problems years ago, but thought it might have just been a phase. Carol confesses that she has also struggled with her dependence on pain medication for the last 30 years, and recounts how she and Amber recently lost everything because of their addictions. When Carol ultimately reveals that she is entertaining suicidal thoughts, Drew proposes that she enter the PRC's treatment program, in the same wing as Jeff's girlfriend Vikki. Carol is embarrassed at the notion of submitting to drug rehabilitation at her age, but realizing that her life might be at stake, she turns herself over to Drew's care.Despite Dr. Drew's every effort, Jeff continues to fixate on his back pain. The situation comes to a head and Jeff is once again poised to leave. Certain that surgery is his only option to become "normal" again, Jeff refuses to accept Drew's professional opinion that further operations are not the answer. Jeff will not accept that conventional methods like yoga and acupuncture and physical therapy will be of great help to him. Drew is exhausted by Jeff's hopeless conviction that he will remain a "cripple' for the rest of his life and pleads for him to give it more time. But Jeff has had it, and decides to go out in style during the wee hours of the night. He picks up the phone, dials 911 and calmly tells the police that he's being held against his will and wants the police.