Episode 1

Season 2 Ep 110/23/2008

Addiction specialist Dr. Drew returns for a second season of Celebrity Rehab to once again face the challenges of helping the famous and the infamous in their efforts to overcome their addictions and regain control of their lives. As the celebrity patients check in, Dr. Drew meets with each of them one-on-one to gain an understanding of their history of abuse and the severity of their problems.First to arrive is Oscar-nominated actor Gary Busey, who checks in under the assumption that he will be helping Dr. Drew and his staff in their stewardship of the other patients. But it immediately becomes apparent that the lingering effects of years of drug abuse, coupled with significant brain trauma caused by a horrific motorcycle accident may cause Gary to be more of a polarizing force than a mentor.Also seeking the help of the Celebrity Rehab staff is the gorgeous model and actress Amber Smith, whose opiate addiction has left her at rock bottom. Dr. Drew immediately ascertains that Amber's problems stem from a codependent relationship with her mother, an addict whom Amber supports emotionally and financially.Next to check in is notorious LAPD beating victim Rodney King, whose undesired celebrity riveted a nation and tore a city apart. A serious alcohol problem has led Rodney to seek Dr. Drew's care in an effort to straighten out his life. Despite Rodney's insistence to the contrary, Dr. Drew suspects that Rodney harbors bitterness about his infamy, which contributes to his addiction.Music video siren and actress Tawny Kitaen arrives and reveals to Dr. Drew her history of pain medication and cocaine abuse. Tawny discloses that she has been taking a dangerous amount of sleeping medication. A troubling confession, as Dr. Drew informs Tawny that she is abusing the very same drug that led to Heath Ledger's accidental and untimely death.Guns 'n' Roses drummer Steven Adler has already proven to be a special case for Dr. Drew. Having been pre-admitted to a hospital out of fear for his safety, Steven joins the rest of the patients at the Pasadena Recovery Center to begin group treatment. Steven must be monitored closely, as his failed career and deep resentments for his family have led him to years of drug abuse and self-destructive behavior.Sean Stewart, rebel son of rocker Rod Stewart is the next patient to arrive. A tabloid mainstay, Stewart has been in and out of treatment a number of times and has previously come under Dr. Drew's care. Sean admits that his desire to fit in has compromised his sobriety and is seeking Dr. Drew's help to stay sober for good.First-season American Idol finalist Nikki McKibbin is admitted with a serious cocaine and alcohol addiction that has spun out of control since the recent death of her mother, with whom Nikki regularly used drugs. Dr. Drew believes that Nikki will not stay sober until she develops a coping mechanism for the guilt that she feels at having used drugs with her mother on the night she died.Rounding out the cast is season one lightning rod Jeff Conaway -- and he's not alone. With him, comes girlfriend Vikki with a packed bag, begging Dr. Drew for help with her own substance abuse issues. Dr. Drew registers Vikki in a different wing of the same facility, but emphasizes that Jeff and Vikki's enmeshment can have disastrous effects on their efforts to achieve lasting sobriety. Of particular concern is the pattern of domestic violence that seems to be thematic in their relationship.As intake day draws to a close, Gary Busey informs Dr. Drew that he is not here seeking treatment, but is instead expecting to act as an adjunct to Drew and his staff. In fact, Gary argues that his sobriety is safe after thirteen years clean. Dr. Drew reasons that Gary is here to strengthen his sobriety. Gary feels that unless treated by the staff as a mentor, and not as a patient, he will be forced to leave Celebrity Rehab.