Season 2 Ep 912/18/2008

It's day 19 of Celebrity Rehab, and graduation is just around the corner. The patients have just enjoyed an evening out at a comedy club, and are returning back to the PRC. Jeff had stayed back ill, and when Vikki returns to check on him, he is clearly enraged at her for abandoning him. Vikki tries to reason with Jeff, but he gets increasingly angry. At the height of his rage, he kicks her in the chest, and Luisha breaks it up. Vikki is shocked, and hurt, and decides to go to the emergency room. The other patients are outraged by the incident, especially Tawny.The next morning, Dr. Drew meets with Jeff and explains that the PRC has a no tolerance policy on assault. Dr. Drew must dismiss him from the program, but suggests that Jeff transfer to Las Encinas, where they can monitor him and his medication. Jeff won't have any of it, and insists on going home. Despite how far she has come in her own treatment, Vikki forgives Jeff, and decides to go home with him. Jeff cannot wait to get home to take his pain medication.Shelly and the other patients discuss their feelings about Jeff leaving and the incident with Vikki. Nikki feels that he brought it upon himself, and that he should have never done something like that. Amber feels that he really isn't being punished for his actions, and that he should have never gotten away with it. Shelly explains that Jeff leaving is not about punishment, but really about the safety of everyone else in the unit. The group agrees that Jeff and Vikki's relationship is very unhealthy.Jeff and Vikki arrive home, and the first thing Jeff does is search for his pain meds. Vikki finds them and gives them to him. He takes them immediately to spite Dr. Drew.The remaining patients are excited about tomorrow's graduation, and grapple with the decision of continuing on to sober living. Amber is elated that she is sober for the first time in her adult life. She thinks that sober living will give her a better shot at staying clean. Tawny is having a harder time with the decision, but doesn't want to leave Amber on her own.Bob comes through the unit to try to encourage the patients to go to sober living. He reminds Steven that it will always be available to him, not matter what he decides. Shifty is going to sober living, without question, and Bob asks him to help sway the other patients into going too. Shifty does his best to convince the other patients by answering all their questions, and telling them what life in sober living is like.Nikki is very concerned about the statistics of staying sober. She's afraid that without sober living, she will go back to drinking. When she tells her husband this on the phone, he freaks out, and wants her to come home. Nikki is left with a huge decision on her hands.At their very last Morning Meditation, Shelly asks the group to talk about their future in sobriety, and what they are going to change. Sean plans to go to meetings everyday. Gary agrees that meetings and sober living are the way. He announces to the group that he will be going to their sober living to speak, and the other patients are really disturbed at the thought of it. Amber tells the group that she only listen to speakers in sober living who have at least a year off of alcohol and pot.Amber makes it her mission to get Gary admit that he is an addict in every way. She wants him to admit that he smokes marijuana and drinks. If he doesn't, she will create a huge scene, and refuse to graduate.In their final process group, Gary has an amazing breakthrough. He admits that he is an addict in every way. Gary also has chosen graduation day as his sober date. The group cheers and commends Gary for all of his hard work.The patients pack their bags, and continue to debate about going to sober living. Nikki is struggling with being away from her family. She is also disappointed that her husband can't be there for graduation.After all of their hard work over the past 21 days, graduation has arrived. The patients' families and friends, along with the staff are all there to show their support and encouragement. Dr. Drew welcomes everyone to the graduation and coining ceremony, and expresses what a privilege it's been to be part of the experience.One by one, each patient is called up in front of the group. They are each addressed by Dr. Drew and the other patients. Tawny is first. Dr. Drew compliments her on her beautiful family, and also tells her how much he likes Julie. Rodney speaks about how much he has learned from her, and Amber tells her that she will always treasure their friendship. Gary thanks her for teaching him how to listen to others. Tawny receives her coin, and thanks the staff, and Dr. Drew. Tearfully, Tawny thanks the other patients for giving her hope, and friendship, something she really hasn't had in the past.Rodney stands before the group next. Dr. Drew thanks Rodney for being such a willing participant in the process. He also comments on how wonderful Rodney's daughters are, and that he has done something very right. Tawny talks about how much growth she's seen in Rodney wishes him all the best. Steven talks about how inspiring Rodney has been to him, and Gary explains what a true motivator Rodney has been and continues to be.Amber is next. Dr. Drew tells her she is entitled to a life and sobriety. He talks about working with her mom, and that he feels he was with them for their "bottom." He knows that they are well on their way and making positive changes. Tawny talks about their experience together, and lets Amber know what a beautiful person she is, inside and out. Sean shares his feelings, and tells Amber what an amazing person she is. Amber gives Dr. Drew a very heartfelt and emotional thank you. She realizes that sobriety is the only way for her, and she needs to learn how to live. She has learned so much in her time with Dr. Drew.Steven stands before the group, and makes them laugh in a way that only he can. Dr. Drew shares that Steven is the only one that can tell him to "f-off", and he feels really good about it. Even when Steven is being the most difficult to be around, he is still a pleasure. Tawny tells Steven she would have never gotten away with some of the things he did, and that he's an absolute doll. Sean tells Steven how wonderful it's been to see him change, and wishes him the best life. Steven shares his love for Dr. Drew, and hopes that he doesn't let anyone down.Sean is next. Dr. Drew wants him to own every part of his life. Rodney jokes about the highs and lows of being Sean's roommate. Amber hopes that Sean takes his sobriety very seriously. She could never bear it if something bad happened to him. Sean thanks the group for making him feel wanted and special.Nikki gets up. Dr. Drew talks about the incredible emotional work she has done. Tawny tells Nikki that her mother is looking down on her, and is so proud. Gary commends her on how far she has come, and tells her how much he loves her. Nikki is very grateful that Dr. Drew has helped her to deal with her mother's death.Gary is the last to stand before the group. Dr. Drew talks about an intense moment they shared when discussing about Gary's relationship with his father. Tawny admits how obnoxious Gary was at the beginning, but how humble he has become. Steven tells Gary how amazing his "Buseyisms" are, and how much he loves him. Sean talks about Gary's transformation. That he couldn't stand him at the beginning, but that he's changed a lot, and has really become part of the group. Gary leaves the group with a final "Buseyism" as he thanks them for being a part of his change.Dr. Drew gives Seth the opportunity to address the group. He grateful for all they have done for him, and he recommends sober living for everyone. He's will be going to sober living, without a doubt.Dr. Drew asks the rest of the patients what their plans are for sober living. Tawny will be doing an outpatient program in Newport Beach so that she can be close to her family. Sean plans to go to meetings, but will not being going to sober living. Gary plans to visit sober living as a motivational speaker. Rodney, Amber, Steven, Nikki and Seth will all be continuing on to sober living. Nikki's husband surprises her at graduation to show his support. Dr. Drew and all of the family members are very pleased with their loved ones decisions to attend sober living.Dr. Drew and the patients say their final goodbyes. Dr. Drew wishes his congratulations to those who are continuing on to sober living, and he feels their decision will increase their chances of their success. They leave together...on to sober living.