Hello Baddest Boosh, Goodbye Sleazo: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 402

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez returned from her “retreat” only to see her husband Stevie J pack his bags for rehab. Meanwhile, we were introduced to Yung Joc’s current love triangle and Rasheeda found out, once again, that Kirk is a cad.

Check our handy recap for some particular highlights from episode two.

  • The Three Stooges Go Golfing

    Where we discover Joc has eight kids and four baby mommas. Kirk has six kids with four grandchildren. Scrappy is 1:1.

  • Yung Joc Says He “Ain’t A Playa”

    He “just loves a lil’ hard.” -_-

  • Mimi Meets Nikko In A Dark Alley About Their Contract

    Where we discover that Nikko found the writer for Mimi’s book in a barbershop, natch.

  • Mimi Is, Like, Really Mad

    But she signed that contract tho! (Also, Nikko’s been recording their conversations? Eek!)

  • Stevie J Walks Into A Drug Test Like, “I Be Feelin’ Like The Man”

    + Rich Homie Quan and werk, Stevie

  • You serious, brah?

    Stevie has to get a court ordered drug test which is then televised on national TV.

  • How A Boss Bish Handles A THOT Trying To Hug Her

    Rasheeda’s super unsure of meeting Kirk’s newest “client.” We use quotation marks because we can’t even find Kirk’s company’s website.

  • Rasheeda’s Face Tho

    Upon meeting Ashley Nicole, Rasheeda learns that, while she’s running her business out of a closet, Kirk has a secret office.

  • Joseline. Is. Back.

    And wearing what we all wear around the house when we get home from the job.

  • “Everyone Knows Stevie J Gets High”

    Joseline says out loud what we all know. Stevie makes this face.

  • Yung Joc Gets Retail Therapy From His Boo Khadiyah

    Not sure about that Fraggle hood tho. But these two are official.

  • KD Doesn’t Like All Of Joc’s Babies’ Mothers

    Specifically Sina. (More on that later.)

  • Rasheeda Invites Karlie Redd To Help Her Snoop

    Rasheeda says it’s Karlie’s specialty. Karlie tries to wink; clearly not her specialty.

  • They Discover A Lease For Kirk’s “Office” Which Is Obviously An Apartment Because Kirk Is Gross

    If One More Person Says, THE BUCKHEAD OFFICE. Please chill.

  • Two Pimps In A Pod

    Momma Dee’s ex-husband is out of prison. She sent him there for stealing hotdogs and hamburgers from Scrappy or something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Stevie Tells Joseline He Has To Go To Rehab

    He tells the Puerto Rican Princess to stay busy in the studio. We all make this face.

  • We Meet Sina

    We understand why KD hates her. We understand that Joc is a playa.

  • Kirks Takes A Shower At The Office

    Slow-mo puts his shirt on…

  • Hello, Kirk (In “Hello, Rasheeda” Voice)

    Rasheeda pulls a pop-up on Kirk at his secret pad.

  • Rasheeda Talks About Separating Business From Her Husband

    We talk about why he has a towel on with a shirt.

  • Stevie Breaks The News That He’s Going To Rehab To Mimi

    Her arms gets cold in that halter.

  • Stevie Comes Clean To His Adorable Daughter

    And we cry real tears with little Eva. Too real, man.

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