Meet Chelsea Jane, The Australian Rapper That Could Give Iggy Azalea A Run For Her Money

Could Chelsea Jane Dethrone Iggy Azalea?

Iggy Azalea better watch out because up-and-coming emcee Chelsea Jane may be coming for her spot as the number one Australian emcee. Back in September 2014, former Flipmode Squad member, Rah Digga nearly broke the internet when she criticized Azalea for not being Hip hop and cited Chelsea Jane as a rapper from down under using her actual accent.

VH1 chatted with Chelsea about her relationship with Rah, the comparisons to Iggy, and how social media has played such an important part in her musical journey.

Rah Digga cosigned for you when she did an interview ThisIs50. What’s your relationship with her? How did she become a fan of your music?
Chelsea Jane: I actually met Digga in the studio prior to her interview and she wanted to hear some of my music. I tweeted some of my music and she really liked it and she invited me to one of her. I’d never seen a female emcee on stage before because back home there are so few female emcees, so when I saw her on stage I was just like, it was just like Christmas. Every Christmas, in one room. [Laughs] It was so amazing to see a female up there doing her thing and I thought she was just incredible. She shouted me out and she just started pushing my music and I really am privileged.

Do you think there is any possibility you and Digga might collaborate on any future projects?
Yes it’s quite possible. We’re still in the works of doing a project within the year so I don’t know just yet but I’m super appreciative of everything she’s done and all of her fans showing me love.

Do you feel the comparisons between you and Iggy are unfair because you’re both Australian women?
I mean, I think the debate is about the delivery and where she’s from and how she speaks and how she raps. I haven’t had any issues really. I spoke with a few people on Twitter who are Iggy fans that take her side because they think it’s their job to take a side. It’s art, it’s not a competition, more than one person can be on top but I haven’t had any people lash out at me or anything. I think that Iggy’s music isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea but neither is mine.

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