Has The Game Been Recycling The Same Freestyle For The Last Four Years?

The internet sees all.

It’s no secret that when it comes to freestyling, rappers very rarely rap off the top of the head anymore. Prewritten verses serve as a safety net, and a good chunk of those verses eventually end up on a song down the road. But when it comes to The Game, it looks as if the Compton rapper has fallen back on one particular verse one too many times.

The Game’s lyrical Groundhog’s Day was spotted by a community member on Reddit’s HipHopHeads page. The Game can be seen reciting the same exact verse with the utmost confidence for the last four years. Whether it’s live on the radio, on stage side by side with Nas, or even in a cafe parking lot. The Game doesn’t hesitate to drop a “freestyle” he’s sure you’ve never heard — until now.

Check out the freestyle in question below, and let us know if The Game’s been caught red-handed or do folks on Reddit have too much time on their hands?

Embedded from www.youtube.com.