Johnny Depp’s Daughter Is More Fabulous than Any 15-Year-Old You’ve Ever Known

The awkward teen years aren't for everybody, we guess.

Johnny Depp’s little girl Lily-Rose is all grown up and already killing the fashion game as a teenager. This month she made her modeling debut in Oyster magazine. After looking at some of her recent pics, you’ll be quick to learn how damn fabulous this 15-year-old is.

She’s effortlessly stunning.
Like, seriously, no effort.
The bigger the hat, the more fab the lady.
Poised beyond her years.
Gliding in the pool like the goddess she is.
Where can we get those?
And that jacket though.
Rocking the vintage chic.
Who else could pull this top off, honestly?
To put things in perspective, here’s Lily-Rose with mom Vanessa Paradis circa 2002.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.