I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Rasheeda Frost Compares Herself To Hillary Clinton

"Hillary dealt with infidelity issues, right?"

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta After Party Live!, host Big Tigger asked Rasheeda and Kirk how they have stayed together for 15 years. Rasheeda explained that no relationship or marriage is perfect and that it takes a lot of work. From Kirk’s scandalous hot tub antics and secretly DNA testing baby Karter to his more-recent nanny shenangians and secret office/apartment, Rasheeda has put up with a lot.

During the live interview Rasheeda discussed how there are men out there who have done a lot worse than Kirk has. Nevertheless, she admits that she has been pushed to her limits, but not past her breaking point of no return. In the video above she compares her relationship with Kirk to that of Hillary and Bill Clinton, claiming “Hillary dealt with infidelity issues, right?”

Is Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage a work in progress? Is it time for Rasheeda to walk away? Rewatch this moment from the live after show and share your thoughts/comments below.