A New Tumblr Highlights the Dumb, Sexist Stuff People Say to Female Directors

Spoiler: People are terrible.

The entertainment industry is a tough place to be a woman. With rampant ageism, sexist, racism, all the -isms you can count (lord knows directors like Ava Duvernay have faced more than a few of those), women in the industry take a lot of heat — or their careers get no heat at all. Especially women directors. And this is true of both film and television. In 2014, the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film said that of the 250 top grossing domestic films, women only directed seven percent. That same year, the DGA released a report showed that white women directed 12 percent of TV episodes; women of color directed two percent. Sixty-nine percent of all TV was directed by white men.

So should we be surprised that female directors take a lot of dumb sh-t from their male counterparts? No, but it’s still really gross and lame. And that’s what has lead to the creation of a new Tumblr, Sh-t People Say to Women Directors. If you want to be inspired by powerful women while hating idiots who dare try to keep them down, this is the Tumblr for you!

Here are just a few of the offenders. Warning: people are made of garbage.