Classic Clip: Watch Momma Dee Tell Scrappy About Her Much-Younger Boyfriend

In this rarely-seen bonus clip from season two, Momma Dee reveals that she's robbing the cradle.

Momma Dee met up with Scrappy this week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta to tell him that she was back with Ernest, her husband who just spent the last seven years in prison (thanks to her). Scrappy was wary of the idea of Momma Dee getting back with her ex, but guess what? That’s actually just his response any time his momma dates someone new. Just look at this clip from season two where Momma Dee reveals to Scrappy that she’s back together with another ex of her, a man named Rich who happens to be twelve years her junior. The look on Scrappy’s face is about as “WTF???” as you can get.