Classic Clip: Joseline Breaks It Off With Stevie & Explains “I Ain’t No Chrissy And Jim Jones”

This rare throwback clip features Joseline comparing herself to the OGs of Love & Hip Hop.

The internet is a magical place where you can dig up lots of forgotten treasure, and we just found this classic, rarely-seen bonus clip from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, featuring Joseline and Benzino talking about sex. In the clip, Joseline appears to have soured on Stevie J (one of many times that’s happened in four seasons of the show), and she tells Zino that she’s too young to be tied down to one man. “I ain’t got time to be working on no relationship. I’m not Chrissy and Jim Jones, I’m too young. I’m not wasting my twenties on a man that’s about to be 40. Hell no.” Then Joseline gets on Benzino’s case about his former relationship with Karlie and reveals that she has a new man in her life.

My, how so much has changed!