Throwback To Peach Candy AKA Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Rasheeda & Kandi Burruss

Once upon a time, the reality stars made music together.

As you probably have gathered the Atlanta music and reality scene is all sorts of twisted and intertwined. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Rasheeda is super tight with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss and once upon a time they even collaborated together under the pseudonym Peach Candy.

The duo was a side project that never broke through to the mainstream but in honor of Throwback Thursday we’ve assembled some of our favorite tracks for you here. These collabs also feature Rasheeda’s costars Yung Joc and Lil’ Scrappy. Take a listen and let us know what you think of Peach Candy!

  • “I Wish I Never”

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    Remember when people sang their names at the beginnings of songs. Love! The hook on “I Wish I Never” is “I wish I never f***ed with you.” Kandi is singing/rapping about her baby’s father and also mentions her mother (the now infamous Mama Joyce). Yung Joc makes an appearance at the end of the track talking about his manhood.

  • “Rain At Home”

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    So “Rain At Home” is like, about dancing for your man at home. “You can put those dollars in my thong!” Lil’ Scrappy cameos to say things like “Daddy gonna make it rain.”

  • “U Ugly”

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    “U Ugly” uses dialogue from Frankenstein: “It’s aliiiiiive!” and you know it’s like all about homies being ugly as a motherf*****. Adding tattoos to your body don’t make you not ugly. Song’s pretty turnt up; add it to your Memorial Day playlist.

  • “Crazy”

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    Loving “Crazy.” Story goes like this: Rasheeda and Kandi can smell another woman in their man’s crib. “New house? Burn it down. Fly wheels? Key it up. Bank account? Clear it out.” YASSS. A revenge anthem!

  • “Legs To The Moon”

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    Likely the most recent duet between Rasheeda and Kandi online, “Legs To The Moon” is from Rasheeda’s second independent album in 2012 Boss Chick Music. Kirk Frost pops up as Rasheeda’s video vixen in the video and it’s hard not to project their marital woes onto the lyrics. I guess Kirk knows how to lay it down, huh? (Siick.)