Justin Bieber Is Taking His Talents to Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2

There's more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking, Justin.

Justin Bieber will join the throngs of people who are appearing in the Zoolander sequel. This morning, he posted a new photo of himself serving Blue Steel realness with Ben Stiller.
Whereas the first film certainly had its share of famous guest appearances, Zoolander 2 seems like it will be a veritable cameo parade. So far, here’s who we know will be appearing:

In addition to original stars Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell, we’ll see Olivia Munn, Kristen Wiig, Kim Kardashian, AND Kanye West.

And from Ben Stiller’s Instagram, we’ve learned about:

Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney

Penelope Cruz


Christine Taylor
(Ben’s wife and co-star of the first movie, who will also be reprising her original role — also, I’m pretty sure she’s who was in that photo widely circulated as being Kristen Wiig)
Your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.

’s Beck Bennett
Fred Armisen
And presumably a ton more as the film continues shooting. Who won’t we see? Karl Lagerfeld. He turned it down.