Is Selena Gomez Dating Someone New to Make Zedd and Justin Bieber Jealous?

She's got a new tan and a new man.

Selena Gomez recently went to Porto Vallarta with friends to be fabulous in another country. And get over Zedd. And get a tan because who doesn’t want one after this winter.
It could have been the Mexican heat, or maybe Selena’s newfound curves were making her frisky, but things started getting physical in the best way between Selena and music producer Haze Banga (third from the right in the Instagram). Before we take our hats off to the supposed new couple, an insider told In Touch that Justin Bieber wanted to collaborate with Haze on his upcoming album, and that Selena could be hooking up with Haze to make the Biebs and Zedd jealous.

Is there a hidden motive behind Selena’s latest fling? The Gossip Table has more information.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.