Ed Sheeran Hints at Dropping New Music, Sends Sheerios into a Frenzy

It looks like the new project already has a name: '5'.

We’re less than a year out from the release of Ed Sheeran’s X, but can we already expect a new album from our favorite red-haired crooner? Better yet: Can we expect an album from him next week??

Ed took to Twitter this morning, hinting that he might be releasing new music next week. It seems as though the new project is titled 5, and it’s slated to come out on, day of all days, Cinco de Mayo. 5/5/15. Festive, right?

We’re guessing what Ed is releasing next week is a new LP, which has got us thinking whether he’s sending us some sort of subliminal message in the form of his mathematically themed album titles. First there was +, then there was X, and now 5. What does it all mean, Ed?

It seems as though we’ll find out in five short — or long, depending on how you look at it — days. Contemplate that while staring at Ed as he plays his touching X track, “Photograph.”

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.