The 30 Best Saturday Night Live Celebrity Impressions

TIna Fey as Sarah Palin FOREVER.

– Additional research by Jim Miller (@jimmiller)

For 40 years, Saturday Night Live has dedicated itself to making celebrities look as ridiculous as possible—and we’re better people for it. From controversial politicians (Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin was a cultural phenomenon that took on a life of its own) to kooky journalists (“Baba Wawa,” anyone?) SNL has supplied its fair share of eerily accurate impersonations throughout the years. Sometimes we wonder if we’d be more informed if Dana Carvey actually did NBC Nightly News instead of Tom Brokaw. Just a thought.

Here, we’ve selected 30 celebrity impressions that represent the best of the best. A few cast members make multiple appearances—how could we pick just one Kristen Wiig impression?—and some of these characters even met their real-life counterparts at one point. (Watch President Bill Clinton meet Bill Clinton below.)

If you’re in a safe space where crying from laughter is socially acceptable—perhaps on your couch watching VH1 Classic’s “SNL Rewind: 2015-1975 Mega Marathon”—check out these SNL players in top doppelgänger form.

Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton

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